May 24, 2024


Mad about real estate

Tips for Buying New Construction Homes

Charleston, SC has seen a surge of home buyers in the past few years.  In response, new home builders have been developing communities to meet this demand from buyers.  The result is a huge selection of new homes for buyers in our area, and an almost overwhelming number of new home sales in Charleston.  After working with many buyers, I’ve included some frequently asked questions regarding new construction homes along with some tips for buying a new home. 

People often ask me whether it is better to use the agent working at the model home.  While these agents are very familiar with the neighborhood and option packages, they work for the builder and have his/her best interests in mind.  They are hired to know the inventory and to represent the builder during all of the transactions.

You can still use these agents’ knowledge but have your own agent with you during the buying process.  And builders (and their agents) are always happy to work with the buyer’s agent.  We recommend having an agent to represent you and only you rather than rely on the builder’s representative.  Since the seller (in this case, the builder) pays commission to the buyer’s agent, you don’t have to pay to have an agent represent you.  So, it doesn’t cost you any money to have your own agent instead of using the builder’s agent.  

Another recommendation we make to home buyers is to look for phases.  If you see a good project beginning, go ahead and get in during the early phase of construction.  Builders typically raise prices during each consecutive phase, so you can get a better deal early on.  Be sure to talk with your real estate agent about the various construction projects happening in your area.  He or she may know of recent price reductions and other builder incentives, as real estate agents often get updates directly from the builders.

He or she should also be able to offer advice about investing in your area (especially if the agent is an active investor) and offer suggestions as to which neighborhoods have performed the best in the local real estate market.