June 18, 2024


Mad about real estate

How to make easy slide shows for real estate listings to post on YouTube and your website

Have you ever seen those professional looking video slide show that have pictures of the house that pan in and out, and gracefully fade from one image to the next? And the soothing music in the background just adds to the effect. Well, it’s really easy to make them, and upload them to you tube. In fact, you can make one in about 10 minutes or less.
I personally use windows movie maker, which is free with Windows. I know the Mac has similar software, but I am only familiar with Windows Movie Maker.

So now begins the fun part. Make sure you have 5 to 10 pictures of the property or real estate that you want to create the slideshow for.

Click the button on the menu that says “Add Videos and Photos.” Add all of the photos that you would like to include in the slideshow.

Next, click “Automovie”. This will automatically create the slideshow for you.

Now edit the text at the beginning and end of your movie. I suggest putting the property address.

If you find the video to long, or the images changing too quickly, you can adjust the duration of each photo. If everything looks well, just click the YouTube icon in the upper right corner. Assuming you already have a YouTube account, just put it your username and password, and the video will be uploaded.

After the video has uploaded, from within YouTube, edit the video. Choose “Audio Swap”. This will allow you to choose background music, which is all legal for you to use so there is no worrying about copyright infringement. Alternatively, if you have music on your computer that you can easily use, you can insert it in to the slideshow in Windows Movie Maker before uploading.

I’ve found this to be the fastest and easiest way to create professional video slide shows for real estate listings. And it is so easy to upload it to YouTube. Not to mention it takes less than 10 minutes using all free software.