May 30, 2024


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WV home foreclosures: The Lowest Rate in the Country

If you’ve been glued to the news, whether it is on television or on paper, you would know about the crisis the whole nation is going through. Unemployment rates have risen, meaning it’s harder for people to pay bills, the rent, and, moreover, buy a house and pay its mortgage. Some who even thought of buying foreclosure mobile homes did not push through because of the tough times.

At least 25,000 houses are reported to be up for foreclosure in just Wisconsin alone. That’s a big number, since there are other states that experience the same. However, if you compare WV home foreclosures rates to that of other states, you will see that the people of West Virginia have been able to pay for their mortgages.

Given that West Virginia has the lowest number of foreclosed homes, it still doesn’t change the fact that there are still great, available homes that will fit your tight budget. If you’re interested, look up WV home foreclosures. Listings for this will give you a wide range of houses to choose from. You will see homes that you can choose from like a bungalow with a pool or a 3-storey house with a greenhouse at the backyard.

Although these homes are sold on an ‘as is’ basis, do not worry. Getting repairs done on your own plus the amount the house is sold would still be lower than getting a brand new house.

Since you know that foreclosed homes are cheaper, why don’t you check them out? Now, if you’re a student with a tight budget, or someone who likes moving around a lot, why don’t you look into foreclosure mobile homes? First, it would be a lot cheaper compared to buying a new house. Second, the fact that it is mobile, you can even go ahead and tour the whole United States with your house in tow. Wouldn’t that be grand? features regularly updated foreclosure listings that you should check out.