June 24, 2024


Mad about real estate

Wintering in the Sun

We are wintering in the sun in Spain for the first time, like the flocks of birds that migrate for the winter. We have bought little house here and intend to come over for the winter each year. We have had enough of cold grey wet winters in the UK. So far the biggest surprise to get used to is that the sun shines virtually every day.

Our house is in a coastal town, part of a Spanish community sprinkled with a few English people. We have been lucky to make several friends already and I am beginning to learn some Spanish words which makes shopping easier! This is a priority as I think if you move to another country you should integrate into the local way of live and customs and learn the language as soon as possible.

Prices are still favourable here at the moment and you can purchase apartments from 40,000 there are also an abundance of town houses and villas, but prices are beginning to rise.

Pork seems to be the meat of choice here, with freezers full of neat little lean slices beautifully arranged in packs, the custom also seem to mix pork with beef mince, it certainly tasted different from Angus beef mince! After the first week we had, had enough pork and were touring different supermarkets for different products. It is amazing how quiet the supermarkets are especially in the afternoons; the roads too.

It is a funny experience shopping when you don’t know quite what you are buying and rely on tell-tale signs on the packaging or carrying a dictionary! I did expect more English to be spoken in the shops as it is a sea-side town.

However I am pleased to say I am finding it all a very good experience and I’m not home-sick at all, whether this is because I know we will be returning to England in a few months I’m not sure, but it has been great fun setting up a home here and shopping for essentials and you know every day will be filled with sunshine and blue skies, or virtually every day, anyway!

I have a hobby business which I run from home with a laptop, which gives me an interest whist my partner pursues his sporting hobbies. It is a lifestyle I can fully recommend to anyone contemplating spending winters in the sun.

If you too are looking for a hobby business which is simple to set up, affiliate marketing could be the answer. It is probably the simplest way to work online all you need is a laptop and internet connection so can work almost anywhere. If you work with a mentor to guide and train you, you will have products provided. Delivery of the products is also taken care of and often sales pages provided too.

So two of my dreams completed together, what are your dreams? Make a plan and find a way to execute them. Don’t leave it until it is too late and live with regrets!

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