June 24, 2024


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The Role of Women in the Construction Industry

The State of Women in Construction in 2021 - Buildertrend

Every year the rights of women are respected in society more and more. We can observe how females achieve goals and recognition due to their endeavors and willpower. But today women have not been yet at the top of leadership in the employment of managerial positions. This is especially felt in the construction industry. And in some way, this is a significant minus and omission.

Businesses run by women are much more successful than those driven by men. Females are ready for transformations and updates. They search for optimization strategies through modern digital tools like 3D modeling programs, estimating and construction quoting software, etc. It is worth noting that women are attentive to details and it is more likely that they notice some imperfections in reporting or poorly done work in general.

If you still have doubts concerning the role of female specialists (including leading roles in the companies like project managers, chief engineers, or estimators), take a closer look at the key factors that characterize the power of women in the construction workforce. Let’s consider why ladies should occupy more leadership positions and what their role is.

What Is Known About the Potential of Women in the Construction Industry?

At the beginning of this decade, according to statistics, the number of leadership positions held by women is no more than 30%. In the construction sector, this percentage does not exceed 10. For the most part, women are assigned either official or commercial positions. 

To date, there is a large number of disagreements regarding whether a woman can lead and have supreme authority in such a serious company as a construction company. Today, we can observe a trend toward the fact that companies are increasingly recognizing and promoting the female gender for higher positions.

The Role of a Mentor for Women in Leadership Positions

Thanks to the changes in the world and the assertion of their rights by women, their feminism can be traced to an active struggle for equality, inclusiveness, and the desire for wealth the same as in comparison with men. 

Analyzing successful businesswomen, she may conclude that they are united by mentoring and a good role model. Thanks to the support of each other and the pursuit of their dreams, all subsequent generations become stronger and more successful.

The Importance of Recognizing Women’s Role in Construction

When hiring men for a particular position, managers look only at 60% of their compliance with the requirements, while women are required to comply at 100%. Often, women’s path to career success is interrupted by their indecision, in particular, their fear of competing with men in their areas of work, such as the construction industry together with other ever-growing niches like:

  • Manufacturing;
  • Sales;
  • Services;
  • IT sector;
  • Retail, etc.

If leaders can convince the female half of their qualifications and equality in the struggle for a leadership position, then this will bring their company great success. Their support is also important.

How Can You Support a Woman Working in the Construction Industry?

Do not know how to solve the problem? Tell us about it, share it, analyze the information received, advice from other women who work in the construction industry, gain experience and try to realize yourself. It is very important to observe the rules of open dialogue – to exchange ideas, support, and help each other. 

Construction company executives are encouraged to keep in touch with female employees, as they can improve your company and make this industry not only promising but also significantly more profitable than it is now.

Ladies in the Construction Sector: Summarizing

Do not forget about the main soft skill of women in the construction teams. They bring a true balance to the communication channels and open dialogs to each stage of building. Ladies feel more comfortable if each item of the process is discussed. Men can avoid dialogs and prefer sole working while only communication takes place during scheduled meetings.

Speaking about women who hold leading positions in the construction team, they are very powerful personalities with developed leadership properties from the very beginning. Not all ladies can do it. But the same story is about gentlemen. That is why it s useless to search for dependence on sex when it comes to construction top management job positions and other leading professions in the construction industry.

To sum up, women are very attentive to their work. They are responsible for all the tasks and try to do everything perfectly from the first time. If they become leaders, the best female’s power is to identify potential fast. Most women are open to dialogs and prefer to discuss everything to find a solution as soon as possible.