June 21, 2024


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Know About HOA Rules Before Getting Your Dream Home

Buying a house is all about having lots of patience and effort, in making sure that you do the right thing. After a day’s work for your family and children, you want to have peace of mind from your home. The area in which you live in should be peaceful, allowing you to live your life without any hassle and protecting you as well as your family from communal issues. The HOA plays the primary part in making sure that your little piece of heaven, your home, remains peaceful as ever.

HOA sets the order in a living community by rules and regulations which every person in that HOA administrated space should follow. Some rules can be very restrictive and if you are a person who does not like to be told what is to be done, you better check out another area for living. Make sure you check the rules put forth by the HOA before buying a property. These are the DO’s and DON’T’s set for the community. Make sure the HOA rules are okay with you.

Let us see some important points which you can check on, with the HOA in a specific area before you put down your lifetime savings on your dream home.

HOA rules can be fetched from the internet as most of them have their own website. Your real estate agent can be a good source. You can ask your real estate agent for an updated copy of the HOA rules and regulations. It is always a better idea to go and talk directly to the HOA committee, to get first hand information on their rules. Most of them would be happy to help you.

Many of us drive our own vehicles. Check with the HOA regarding their rules about certain thing, such as parking rules, etc. Some rules restrict you from parking more than one vehicle along the street. There can also be rules regarding the time in which you can park your car. Check with the HOA if they have designated places for maintaining vehicles.

Make sure your pets are allowed in the community. HOA is very concerned about the health of your pets and the health related issues that could be brought by having a pet.

Know the garbage collection schedules and environment policies put forth by the HOA. After all these help you live in a clean and peaceful area free of rodents and pests. Some HOA rules prohibit children from playing in the front yard. Better check with them on the policies regarding using the play ground or the play area for children.

Get a grip on all the fees and charges put forward by the HOA. HOA may charge you for using the common amenities provided in the residence society. These charges are used to maintain the said areas. Check their policy regarding the use of swimming pools and tennis courts, etc. Make sure you are aware of all the charges and how they are charged. Ask them, whether you should pay even if you are not using a facility in your area.

Rules are always made to make the human life more secure and peaceful. However, if you find the rules of HOA a bit too restrictive for your individual freedom, ask your real estate agent to find you a new home in a new location.