March 3, 2024


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Keywords Search Tools for Real Estate Website

Are you thinking of building your real estate website? If so, choosing the right keywords for your site should be given utmost importance? Why? This is because it will determine the visitors that will be visiting the website and it will help you rank into search engine websites. When choosing the right keywords, you should think about your competition. Your keywords should be relevant that will attract your audience but at the same time, it should have less competition.

Another challenge that you will be facing in your keyword search is that when you are using the popular keyword search, the tendency is that, your competitors are doing the same thing and what will happen is that you all come up with similar results. What you should do is to use variety keyword search tools to help you decide which keywords to use with your real estate business.  

Here are some great tools that can help you to get started:


This tool is highly recommended because it helps you to check on your competitors. You can enter the URL of the website of your competitor and it will show you which keywords rank in the website. At the same time, you can do the same with your website. With this, you can create a marketing strategy with the use of the keywords.  

Google Keyword Planner

This is the most popular keywords search tool because you can use it for free. You only need a Google AdWords account and you can already take advantage of its features. You can sign up for free with Google AdWords. Since it is another product of Google, it can give you a deep knowledge about what people are searching for in the search engine website. You can also see the monthly impression of the people who are visiting your real estate website based on the keywords searched. Though, unlike SEMRush, it can’t give you an update about how much your website is doing with a specific keyword as well as with your competitors.

AdCenter Add-in for Excel

This keyword search tool is powered by Microsoft which means that you can pull out all the data from MSN with your particular keyword. You can create strategy by comparing the results from Google Keyword Planner to this AdCenter Add-in tool.


WordTracker tool is beneficial for small real estate business owners because it has other features aside from keyword search such as building new links. This can also help you in developing a strategy for SEO. The only disadvantage is that it has a few results compared to the other tools.

SEOBook’s Keyword Suggestion Tool

Another tool that you can use for cross reference is this website from Aaron Wall which the data draws is from various reliable sources.

Each tool can be helpful with you in choosing the right real estate keywords for your website. You only need to take advantage of the features of some and find from the other tool what is lacking on the other.

Another tip in choosing the right keywords:

Keywords Should Be Specific

If you want to target the right market, you have to be specific with your keywords. Think like how the client would think when he/she is searching for some properties. For sure, they are searching for specific city. It means that your keywords should include the name of the city or much better, the name of the exact place where the property is located.

Long Tail Keywords

It is somehow similar to specific keywords. As much as possible, write all the details of the property in your keywords. In long tail keywords, there is less competition. You only need to be creative and you’ve got to use your imagination. The best practice is to always place yourself in the shoes of your clients and you can think of the right keywords for your business.

The title of the video below is an example of “Long Tail Keywords”.

Another great thing about being specific in your keywords is that the person who search for that specific keywords and find your website is most of the time a ready buyer. This could mean an instant sale!

Keywords are everything. Use the right tools and chooses specific keywords and you are good to start your website.