November 30, 2023


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Clitheroe Lancashire – An Old Industrial Cotton Market Town

This delightful little town of Clitheroe Lancashire stands on the river Ribble nearby to the Blackburn and Chatburn railway close to Pendle hill bordering Yorkshire. Pendle hill which is situated high above the town reflects the past ages when witches were executed there and Norman Castle dates the town’s age.

Clitheroe is an ancient little market town and is well known for its trading of live stock which is held on Wednesday every week. The borough’s is represented by officers and coroners were the bailiffs and were members are the Hon. Curzon and the Hon Cust. There are now three courts in Moot hall. A court baron which is held at Clitheroe castle every three weeks collecting small debts of under 40s.

Within the castle walls a beautiful castellated house which was built in honour of the Stewards, who administers the affairs of the largest and most valuable royalties in the kingdom. And those that served on the juries were the inhabitants of the boroughs.

The boroughs was a place that no real relevance but around the last twenty years manufacturing of cotton and the trade of cotton spinning has boomed, as well as power-looms and printing trades, with loads of machinery which is turned by huge iron water wheels as well as a steam engine which powers water to the plant.

To the north of the town there is a very valuable and vast bed of limestone which houses kilns that burn constantly supplying energy to the cotton mills. In the Pendle hill which is 1, 800 feet above sea level you will find a spa which is well known for its medicinal values, as well as being witness to the beautiful ocean with its huge liners sailing gracefully.

Visit the awesome 16th century manor house which is now Stoneyhurst College and is also one of the largest buildings in Clitheroe. Pupils of the past were Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the famous rugby player Kyran Bracken. You can enjoy a grand tour of the College as well as relax in the quaint tea garden and enjoy the tranquillity that surrounds you.

Browsholme Hall the ancestral home to the Parker family is an old historic house which was built around 1507. This house is only open certain days of the week for viewing. The there is Bowland wild boar park found in Chipping. This park has wild boars as well as cattle, Llamas, wallabies, red squirrels and many other farm animals. There is a section where children can interact and feed the animals. You can also walk and view the beautiful wooded country side and just enjoy the day relaxing.

You have to visit the Ribble Valley Sculpture trail where you can follow the works of Thompson Dagnall, as well as the 14th century Cistercian Abbey ruin enhanced by magnificent country side and the 1148 Sawley Abbey remains where many monks were executed under the order of Henry VIII. The town of Clitheroe is well worth visiting even just to witness the wrath of King Henry VIII, and to frequent the quaint shops and cafe which are very sweet.