June 21, 2024


Mad about real estate

Window Shutters Add Value to a Home

On the “Today Show” during the real estate segment, an exterior of a house was shown as a “before” shot. Then an “after shot” was taken with the addition of window shutters on the front. The improvement was so dramatic, the house didn’t even look like the same one! The commentator said that the inexpensive improvement added thousands to the value of the house, as well as improved the marketability for a quick sale.

With the marketplace for existing homes so competitive, sellers must strive to make their home more appealing than any other in the area. Professional staging consultants can turn the interior of a house into a model home, but the exterior of the house must look good before a prospective buyer will even walk through the door.

A fresh coat of paint, mowed lawn, weeded planting areas, and yard clutter clean-up will make the house look well cared for. To make the house stand out as truly unique and having an appealing style of its own, the addition of window shutters will return the owner’s investment by adding a custom look to the house. Wood window shutters are custom made giving you choices of sizes, painted, stained, or unfinished. The shutter style can change the theme of a home to Cape Cod, plantation, early American, rustic, or country.

In areas of the United States where there are extreme weather conditions, having operating window shutters can cut energy costs remarkably. Serious prospective buyers will want to know what your costs are to heat and cool your house. Wood window shutters will decrease part of that expense for energy.

Window shutters can add value to a home when it is time to resell, and be a valuable energy saver for the homeowner.

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