May 20, 2024


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Why You Need a Personal Assistant

Successful real estate agents are experts at multitasking—juggling open houses, taking calls from clients, and coming up with innovative marketing strategies—all while trying to maintain a balanced personal life. For some agents, the demands on their time become too great, and certain tasks fall by the wayside. In order to restore efficiency and ease the pressure, many realtors today hire personal assistants.

Is a personal assistant right for you? If you’re a real estate agent who has yellow sticky notes and to-do lists blanketing your desk, then you might need a personal assistant. If you can’t find important paperwork within a minute or two, then yes, you need an assistant. If your family can’t remember who you are when you walk in the front door, then you definitely need a personal assistant.

What kinds of things can personal assistants do for you? If they have their real estate license, they can handle many of your regular responsibilities such as showing properties, hosting open houses, advertising the business, going over contracts with clients, and accepting payment.

An assistant that does not have his real estate license is more limited in what he can do for you, but he can still make your life much easier. He can see to the daily administrative tasks such as handling contact leads, answering the telephone, responding to email inquiries, as well as general office jobs such as faxing documents and filing papers. These chores often require focus and attention to detail, which can quickly eat up your time; if someone else can take care of them for you, you can devote that time to generating more income, or to spending quality time with family.

If you like the idea of hiring a personal assistant, but only need help on occasion, consider getting a virtual assistant. VA’s can help you with appointments, phone calls, and time management. Some virtual assistants can even help with the maintenance of your website. VA’s are independent contractors, so you don’t have to worry about offering benefits and taking off taxes from their paycheck. You also don’t have to furnish them with office space and equipment because they perform their work offsite, from their home office.

Make sure that if you decide to hire a virtual assistant you check out their references before handing over critical information such as credit card numbers and website passwords. You want to know the person as well as possible, so that you can feel good about entrusting them with your business.

A personal assistant isn’t just for celebrities or the very wealthy; it’s for anyone who has a successful business and limited time. If you hire an assistant, you not only rid yourself of some of the more menial tasks associated with the real estate profession, but you can also use your newly acquired free time to garner new business, or simply to take some much needed down time. A personal assistant can help your real estate business run smoothly, and enable you to use your time in a more productive way.