July 20, 2024


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Why choose a licensed mortgage broker over a mortgage banker

There is a popular perception, in the minds of many, that mortgage companies are basically mortgage banks which function by lending their own money in a mortgage deal. However, there are significant differences between the two worth knowing about. Any company you come across today can be clearly classified as either a mortgage banker or a mortgage broker. Let us clarify the reasons for preferring the services of a mortgage broker, instead of a mortgage banker, while securing a loan in the present credit market.

A mortgage broker is an individual who generally deals in selling loans in the secondary markets. The mortgage broker isn’t exactly a direct lender, from whom you can borrow a loan. Put simply, mortgage brokers can be thought of as “money scouts.” They are tasked with investigating and evaluating the credit situation of a person who applies for loan. They then determine which lender best suits the borrowing needs of that person applying for that loan.
The application presented by a home buyer is presented to many different money lenders by a mortgage broker. The broker selects the most suitable match among them, and then follows up with that lender, right on through to the closure of the loan. The best mortgage brokers in the market can find a lender for almost every type of loan requirement.

If you choose to employ the services of a mortgage banker, there’s no question that you’ll save some money on the middle party fee; but your job of acquiring the loan would become much more tedious and time-consuming. It would rest on you to compare money lenders on your own, and if you lack professional negotiating skills, then the best deals, with respect to the terms and conditions of the loan, would simply never be available to you.
Krebs Financial is one such broker, serving the consumers of the Miami area in Florida.  Mortgage brokers can help anyone who wants to take advantage of the present state of housing prices, act quickly and get the best long-term deal.