June 18, 2024


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Where to stay in Manila for expats and long term stays

Condo Makati is a website for anyone that needs information on buying or renting a condominium in Manila’s central business district. The site is an online resource featuring a full list of condo addresses in the Makati City area. There are also other useful pieces of information relating to leasing and buying a condominium in the area.

Condo Makati has been providing a free online service in the real estate sector for well over one year. The Makati City area of Manila is the Philippines premier business base. Therefore there are hundreds of expats moving every year into new and re-furbished condo units. The website helps to make the transition from abroad to the Philippines buy providing useful information on topics such as money, and real estate procedures.

There is an expat section provided by Condo Makati which lets foreigners know what to expect. It also gives some tips to help make the new place of residence feel like home. The website has a ‘Living in Makati City’ section to give an initial overview of the city. Most foreigners are happy to learn that Makati is a very pleasant place to stay with excellent amenities.

This online business is a great first stop resource for both expats and people already living in the Philippines. It makes finding a new place to live very easy. The focus is on condominium units because the city is made up of high rise buildings and expats are not allowed to buy proper houses. To take advantage of this great online resource visit https://www.condomakati.com