April 15, 2024


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What You Must Know About Interest Only Mortgages

Another option you can choose for paying your loan is the interest only mortgage. Contrary to what other people say, choosing this option will give you a lot of benefits. If the rising prices for homes are making it harder for you to be able to purchase or get a home loan, this alternative option can be able to help you. Perhaps the reason why this option has been misjudged is because there are several home buyers who are unfamiliar with it. Even if they have been increasingly popular during the previous six years, there are still some people who are unfamiliar with it. Before you apply for this loan type, you should know more facts about it. If you choose the traditional mortgage financing, your monthly payment has been applied with both the principal balance and the interest. Meanwhile if you choose the interest only option, you are no longer obliged to make a payment towards your principle. Because of this, your mortgage payments become lower. Since this option is only temporary, you must be prepared for the higher payments in just a few years. However, you can avoid the shock of future payments by having an occasional payment so that the principal can be reduced. Another way you can avoid the shock of the financial burden, you can limit the period of the interest only option to just two to three years. Once you have chosen to use this option, you have several terms you can choose from. However, getting a short term is highly recommended. This means you must get a term period of two to three years. But still there are others who choose a longer interest only period. On an average basis, there is an available 5 year period for the option which is supplemented by a 30 years fixed rate. The other famous options include the 7 year and 10 year interest only option period. As compared to borrowers who choose shorter interest only periods, the ones that choose the longer period will be given a higher future payment which they need to pay. So that a long term consequence of avoiding principle payments can be reverted, there are borrowers who opt to sell their houses before the full repayment is required by the lender. However, there is a danger to this option. Since there are some markets for houses which suddenly experience a cool off, the value of the home declines. And because of this, the borrowers who choose the option suffer the consequences. Since the principal balance was never lowered, the borrower then owes the mortgage company a full amount by the end of the interest only period. Because of this, you must choose a reputable lender who will help you get an interest only mortgage on your home purchased.