May 25, 2024


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Wellington Homes for Sale – Interesting Facts About Wellington,Florida's History

If you were living during the 50s in the State of Florida, always known as the Sunshine State, for sure the name “Bink” Glisson, would be a normal thing to hear about. Legally known as Arthur William Glisson, this man is the one who motivated Charles Oliver Wellington, then a successful investor and accountant from New York to purchase a number of lands that is to become Wellington. But due to its location, the area is frequently flooded with water. Not long after that, The Florida State implemented the Acme Drainage District in 1953, which aims to provide drainage and flood control to the acres of land so as to make it apposite for agricultural purposes. As a result, the used to be flooded areas became a prolific and bountiful farmland.

Because of this, some parcels of the land were sold and some leased to a number of farmers for them to cultivate and grow crops in. This paved the way for the 2,000 acre strawberry farm that is to be considered the “world’s largest strawberry patch” and supervised by Bink Glisson. COW stands for Charles Oliver Wellington.  Bink played a great role and yes, many roles before the place was finally called the Wellington, people are now aware of. He served the Acme Drainage District for 40 years until he retired in 1993.

In 1971, the first large portion of land measuring 7,400 acres was purchased at $800/acre by the Investment Corporation of Florida. Construction started the following year, 1972 in partnership with Alcoa Aluminum. As early as that, residences that are now regarded as Wellington homes for sale began selling and that period marked the good standing of Wellington real estate in the industry of real estate selling.

In 1976, Alcoa decided to sell their share to ICOF and in 1978, the remaining properties of ICOF were sold to Gould Florida, which is a part of the largest electronics corporation named Gould,Inc. under the chairmanship of William Yilvisaker, who is a polo buff. Gould sold the remaining acreage to Corepoint Inc. and then succeeded by Lennar Homes. From that time, Lennar Homes started purchasing the remaining 500 lots from Bink’s Forest and in 1993, the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club was sold to Glenn Straub.

In 1995, after many years of attempting to succeed in a referendum vote, determined groups of Wellington residents finally made it in November of that year. This paved the way for the birth of Wellington as it is now known on December 31, 1995; however, official operations only begun on the 28th day of March in the year 1996. From the small population consisting of only 100 residents during the year 1953,

Wellington has transformed to become a prosperous and thriving neighborhood. This is mirrored by the plenty of available residential homes that are featured in quality Wellington MLS offering an impressive and vast diversity of Wellington homes for sale with an environment that boasts of premier facilities, agriculture, nurseries and horse farms. Indeed, the place has become and will always be one of the most admirable residential locations in the Sunshine State – Florida!