June 24, 2024


Mad about real estate

We Found a Great Company That Saved Us a Lot of Time

I work so many hours every week. The thought of all the work that would need to be done to find a new place to live without any help did not seem very appealing. My wife is very busy with work and our children, so she was not looking forward to it either. She then saw a commercial on TV about a company that works as being a really good apartment finder for Nashville residents. We immediately knew that it would be something that we would be interested in. We both found ourselves hoping that the server would live up to our expectations and it did.

My wife is the one who called the company to ask them questions. The process seemed pretty simple up front. You can go to their office and sit down to talk about what you’re looking for. They can show you a variety of pictures of the many different locations that are available to rent so that you can see the location before going there. You can also use their website to input your information so that they will know what type of place you’re interested in, and then they can share options that way for you. It really seemed like a time saver to me.

We wanted a place that had a number of things that would suit our lives. We knew from past history that it can take a lot of phone calls or looking at a lot of different websites to check to see if each apartment complex that you call offers what you want or not. I remember it took three hours of phone calls the last time I did that. With the apartment finder company, we just named about 10 things that we need. The employee came back with a list in just 10 minutes! That is what I call fast service.