May 24, 2024


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Usc Apartments for Rent – Trojans Looking for Home

If you’re a college football fan, it’s a good time to be a student at USC. The University of Southern California has long been a distinguished educational institution that is the dream school for a huge number of high school students, many of whom dreamed about being Trojans probably long before that. While USC is a great school and an exciting place to be, one thing that almost any current USC student who has lived off campus can tell you: housing isn’t cheap, and it can be hard to find the perfect apartment to match your needs.

Apartments near USC tend to be rather expensive, especially for the new college student. This makes sense since you’re basically in Los Angeles, so if for some reason you’re unwilling or unable to live on campus, then there’s no way that your housing expenses aren’t going to hurt more than they otherwise would.

One example of an ad for an apartment near USC (and this is considered a steal compared to the normal prices in the surrounding areas):

“Studio apartment: one bath with laundry on the premises. Lower unit in a one unit building, “USC area” studio. Floors are carpeted, and there is an on site stove. Apartment is close to USC downtown public transportation, and there is easy access to the freeway. There is a full kitchen and laundry facilities on site gated building. Must cover all own utilities. $600 a month for this studio apartment.”

In the USC area it is far more common to see prices ranging from $800-$1,000 a month in the low range. This is true even for other studio apartments. There are many nice apartments available close to campus, and better deals seem to be available for people who live a little bit further out, but are still on the edge of being within walking distance of the USC tram. Some of these apartments are all student in an effort to get repeat business and to build a safe and familiar community for renters.

There are a whole bunch of apartments and rooms for rent in the block’s surrounding USC’s free tram on 23rd Street. This brings up a good point, which is that apartments aren’t the only options, but there are a lot of communal houses specifically built for student rentals. If you don’t mind sharing a very large house with nine guys (all with your own private bedrooms and several bathrooms) then this could be a very good alternative to an apartment, and there’s a chance you will find a better deal.

There are a lot of options for finding apartments near USC, but in the end the major concern is finding an apartment that not only keeps you near the campus, but is also affordable and falls into your price range.