June 20, 2024


Mad about real estate

U-district Apartments for Rent

Seattle, Washington is home to the University District, otherwise known as the U-District. The U-District is so named because the campus of University of Washington is located there. There are some great apartments for rent in the U-District, especially if you are looking for great and affordable student housing.

There are plenty of dorms and student housing available in the U-District and it’s right off campus. There are lovely studios right down near Montlake – where the Husky Football stadium is located. You can often find one bedrooms in that area for rent for close to $500/month and sometimes even less if their is a shared bathroom or kitchen area.

Many people live up in a house or residence just north of Greek row when they are juniors or seniors at the UW. Having a house is great and you can usually walk or ride bike into class. If you are a young professional it’s also a great area to find a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment, because everything still has that college “feel” to it.

Over close to Roosevelt avenue there are some cheap u-district apartments that you can usually rent for close to $600/month for a 1 bedroom. If you need a 2 bedroom that may run $750/month, but that’s a great deal especially if you can find a roommate.

The U-District is a great place to live and there are many options to choose from if you want to live there as a student or a young professional. Take the time to find a great place and enjoy the campus life!