May 24, 2024


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Trying to Understand Mortgage Rates

Where is a good place to check mortgage rates? How many different choices are there? This can be a bit bewildering. Here are some answers to those questions.

Places to Find Current Interest Rates

You can go online and type your request into any good search engine. You also might try the websites of banking and lending institutions. They usually have a link to the current rates. When you get there, you will see many different types of loans. Here are some that you will encounter.

Fixed Thirty-Year Rate

If you take this option, your loan will stretch for thirty years. Your rate of interest will not change for the entire life of the loan. These are usually conventional types of loans. They may be harder to meet the requirements for. Sometimes the down payment can be as much as twenty percent of the loan amount.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

These loans are also known as ARM loans. You may see an ARM labeled 5-1. That means that the interest will not go up for the first five years. After that, it can only be raised once a year. When current interest rates rise, so will ARM interest rates.

There may be reasons to consider an ARM. You may plan to refinance to a fixed rate after some time. Perhaps your financial future looks bright? These could be good reasons to get an adjustable rate mortgage.

You can choose from several different types of adjustable rate loans. Some adjustable rate loans will convert to a conventional loan after a certain time. The cap on the interest rate can vary also. It is best to talk to someone in the lending business to get your best options.

Not long ago there was an ARM problem in the United States. Many lending establishments offered low interest ARM loans. People bought many expensive houses with low payments. As long as times were good, everything was fine. When times changed, many could not afford their higher house payments. Foreclosures were frequent, which caused a chain reaction in the economy. Many people lost their homes and went bankrupt.

15 Year Fixed Interest

This fifteen-year loan has fixed interest. Your rate will never change. Your payment will be much higher, but you will pay it off twice as fast. The interest rate is lower too. However, the higher monthly payment makes it impossible for many people.

Fifteen year fixed rate mortgages offer a huge benefit. It is not just about the payout time. Consider this example.

Tom and Mary were paying $537.00 a month on their $120,000.00 home. They financed $100,000.00 with a thirty year, fixed rate loan. After thirty years, they paid $93,256.00 in interest. June and Harry financed the same amount for their home. However, they went with a fifteen year, fixed rate mortgage. It was harder for them to make the $765.00 house payment, but they managed. After fifteen years their house was paid off. They paid $37,699.00 interest for the same money as Tom and Mary.

Balloon Loans

Most balloon loans are from five to seven years. Make your payments and after five or seven years, the remainder is due. There are advantages. You get low interest and low payments for several years. But you have to come up with the balance of the loan in a lump sum. Unless you have a good plan this could be hard. Maybe you can refinance? It is still taking a chance.

Final Thoughts

Borrowing money for a house can be a daunting task. Talk to a loan professional so you can be aware of all of your options. Do not be in hurry.