June 18, 2024


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Trends and Problems of Commercial Real Estate Market Canada

One of the most pressing issues for the market, of course, are the prices. According to the organizer of the roundtable, the company Business Analyst Group average sale price for April was:
office – 39 000 euro / sq.m.
Trade – 38 000 euro / sq.m.
industrial – 9 000 euro / sq.m.
the average rental rate offered on the open market in April was:
office – 747 euro / sqm / month.
Trade – 1218 euro / sqm / month.
industrial – 158 euro / sqm / month.

In 2006, in the Canada was put into operation 24 000 sq.m. space in the new shopping and leisure centers.
In 2007 he had already put 30 000 sq. m., until the end of 2007 plans to introduce a further 70 000 – 80 000 sq.m. trade area as a shopping and entertainment center.

In addition, over the next 3 years plans to build about 10 business centers and the same number of shopping centers. The rates of rent in the new sites is constantly increasing, the maximum rate for April 2007 reached 4500 euro / sqm / month. for commercial space and 1,770 euro / sqm / month. for the office.
Cost of sales 1 sq. m. in certain categories of commercial property increased over the year in 2-2,5 times, for example, industrial warehouses and administrative buildings.

Even in Moscow company today said that the market is overheating with us, the stakes are too high, the rent for our region is too high, and the purchasing power and throughput is still not at the level of major Russian cities. This reduces the attractiveness of shopping centers in the eyes of tenants – the start of discussions on Irina Fedchenko, director of consulting company Business Analyst Group, – for example, is very telling recent example of the opening TRK Greenwich for non-tenant commercial areas. In the past, the city of rumor, that the lease rates on commercial real estate collapse. And whoever invests in real estate, is now limbo: either invest or not. The timing of construction of new facilities or renovation of old protracted. The banks and leasing companies that lend to these deals, too, wonder: Does the alleged pay off dates announced for the construction projects. How long can increase rents and sale prices for commercial real estate in Canada?
Agreed that the stakes really high, and Alexander Filatov, director of the Canada branch of the company AlyansRegionLizing, explaining it immaturity, youth of the market started its development in 2004 alone, and formed a deficit of commercial real estate. Investments in commercial real estate lease at this stage has its own risk, but, in the view of Alexander, such a fall in prices, to talk about the risks of non-means, in the next two years will not be. Companies seeking to regain its image, which is characterized, above all, the notion of ownership. Sitting in his room or rent the space to sit in a good business center, or to withdraw somewhere in the suburbs – this is a meaningful indicator for business. Therefore, price increases will continue, perhaps with a little break, but in the coming 2007-2008, prices will rise. We discussed some of our business partners to back leasing transactions when they rent their premises for rent. They form the most growth of 5-10{ef6a2958fe8e96bc49a2b3c1c7204a1bbdb5dac70ce68e07dc54113a68252ca4}. This projection raise rental rates for next year . Paul Vysotsky, director of OOO KLP-Invest, also predicts a rise in the prices of 10{ef6a2958fe8e96bc49a2b3c1c7204a1bbdb5dac70ce68e07dc54113a68252ca4} in the segment of office real estate, which is positioned at the level of class V. In this format, no problems with the rental of commercial real estate there, and I think that will never, as well as benchmark average, – said Paul.

According to Paul Seliverstov, head of the department for the management of commercial real estate company Kora-TK: Entering the new facilities on the market today is not much obrushit market prices prevailing at the date. If a shopping center will focus not on the market, but at prices that would like to see the investor, then yes, the problem may be, as in Greenwich. If the price will be set market, the commissioning of new facilities are not heavily affect the market, and napolnyaemostyu tenants will be all right According to Paul, in the near future even happen growth of the best sites. And this is related to entering federal players, and Moscow’s foreign trade companies. At the same time, graduation will be held at the premises of category A, A +, B, C and so forth, as in large cities. Prices for rooms with a good location to grow. The cost to other falls.

A similar opinion Natalia Korchuganova, Director Panacea, considers that the average rental rates for retail space down to 30{ef6a2958fe8e96bc49a2b3c1c7204a1bbdb5dac70ce68e07dc54113a68252ca4} that is due to the fact that increases the number of shopping centers: Those facilities that will be introduced in this and the next two or three years, will be in demand and will find its customers, for rental rates and investment. However, already changing the requirements for office and retail space, the entrepreneurs want to Superior, more interesting environment. Here’s this new sites to developers, investors and worth paying attention .
The need for careful consideration of projects and said the team leader of investment operations branch VTB in Novosibirsk, Sergey Zemtsov and expressed confidence that everything will be fine and that any multipurpose facility for the Urals can pay off, provided that it would be quality. We believe – said Sergey – that can reduce their risks, even though now built many new facilities, if built conceptually clear shopping centers, with the Siberian or Moscow consulting firm. And another important point – there is nothing to sell, if it comes to shopping mall. Because, when at least five areas are sold, the management company having problems with the management. Moreover, the object which belongs to several owners, lower grade than the same object, but by one owner. If these conditions are met, it risks falling.

Opinions were roundtable on the prospects of the market divided, but with the concern of all power.

An important constraint on the market that encourage higher prices and increasing financial risks to the round table participants was named position of authority and bureaucracy. Alexander Filatov, Ltd. AlyansRegionLizing: When initially reviewed the transaction translation of non-residential floor space, turned to real estate agencies about assistance in this direction, and we called the timing about a year and two years. In Novosibirsk, when asked a similar question, saying: Week Three. Date of issue – it is not feasible! Such round tables should be conducted on the level of government. Because all are waiting. We have a project where land is not formalized, but we admit it, and the project involved the lessee, who said: Guys, the problems will not be because I have their relationship, so I have something I druzhu, and I pledge to completely make over half the land on you . We very much this development in the Kuzbass, relations are based on personal interests and personal tie. We are ready to shift the risk to the lessee. But this problem must be addressed, and can only deal with the authorities themselves.

The same problem addressed and Sergei Zemtsov, OAO Vneshtorgbank branch in Novosibirsk: For us, both for the bank, it is important to reduce delays in obtaining permits documentation. In order to offer some advanced products need to get approvals cleared some attributed the timing and procedures for obvious . Many of the authorities accumulated and Andrew Verhoturova, director of Agency’s daily news: When they decide the issue with the administration? When they put 20 girls in the notorious Room 108, and there navedut order? When the work principle of one window, which is declared by the Management Committee of State property? Extends even to what is now the Committee for the Management of State property is not at all incoming documents, does not register, because the instr
uments need to keep as a policeman! That is, you have to bring a folder of documents that you have agreed for years, and you say: Leave a policeman!. What is the responsibility? What is included? When the answer? No one knows!

Closing roundtable discussion on what can be done to simplify and accelerate the design of mechanisms allowing documentation. Victor Gunin, Inc. “Mechanics growth Leasing officials said little interest in promoting the project: In the usual administration official sits, and he is not interested in the economy of the project and did not understand that there will be. Why him? Until today, there is a system of governance, the more uncertain the same risks, higher rates of financing . Alexander Filatov, Ltd. AlyansRegionLizing invited to connect Chamber of Commerce and Industry, both in Novosibirsk, where biznesroientirovannaya Chamber of Commerce and Industry to help solve business problems. On the basis of individual complaints – it may lead to nothing – said Alexander, – a need for such structures, which would communicate to the authorities, but even better would be the government. Chamber of Commerce and Industry should, and even obligated to do so because it was created for this purpose . Paul Vysotsky, Ltd. KLP-Invest suggested that begin with the fact that all major developers with experience in lending, including real estate agency and so on, based on his own experience, first wrote a mechanism as to simplify all these procedure. Because the bureaucrats themselves, they do it will never be.

Either way, but commercial real estate Sale is actively developing, and in spite of everything, in the next 3 years in our city a few new interesting projects, but in the meantime, perhaps the administration in the public sector will be established.