April 14, 2024


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Trading Up? Tips to Get Into That Next Home Faster

The resale housing market is expected to remain at near record sales levels in 2008, according to The Canadian Real Estate Association. For homeowners looking to trade up, there are several things to consider before jumping back into the real estate market:

Don’t be afraid of rising prices

Homeowners often worry that strong housing prices will price them out of the market. But this is often offset by a higher asking price for their existing homes. Longer amortization periods, resulting in lower monthly payments, are another way to bridge the gap between the price of your current home and your next one.

Assess your home’s value

A real estate agent or mortgage broker can get you in touch with an appraiser who can prepare an assessment report for your home. Once you know what comparable properties have sold for, you can list your home at a realistic asking price.

Do your financial homework

Whatever the market conditions, bigger houses cost more to purchase, finance and maintain. Work closely with your mortgage broker to ensure you can make the move without compromising your other financial priorities. Bridge financing may also be required if your purchase overlaps the sale of your existing home.

Confirm your timing

Deciding whether to sell your current house before buying your next one is an important decision. Purchase offers with conditions based on you selling your current home will diminish the appeal of the offer. These days, many sellers bypass this by including long closing periods or rental provisions in their purchase offers.