June 21, 2024


Mad about real estate

Top 5 Ways to Sell Flip Properties

Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out in real estate, it is a good idea to make a list of the best groups of buyers you can target with your flip properties. Here are some ideas for my top five:

One. Owners. People who already own rental properties in the area where you’ll be able to find your deals are a great target group of buyers. See what level of repairs your landlords are happy with and adjust your deal finding techniques in an appropriate way. But be cautious to get into that contingency, as the deal might fall apart in the end.

Two. Property Rehabers.

Three. Contractors. Plumbers, roofer, electricians and other specialised contractors can be great wholesale buyers as well .

High Net-Worth individuals. Any complex investor and high net worth individual appreciates the quality and stability of real estate as a long term investment. If you find the right type of deal for them, they can be great money buyers for your flip properties. Most likely they’re going to prefer turn-key houses and larger properties ( apartments, commercial ) in good or great condition. The numbers have to sound correct as an investment.

5. Other real estate Investors. You can find them easily at real estate investment club conferences, but confirm they’re real precise buyers. Real estate investment clubs are frequently visited by new backers who have money and credit and desire to discover how to get a deal under their belt. They will love you for bringing them their first deal, and if the deal is great you can keep flipping properties to them.

Hopefully this may give you a jump start on your real estate investing career in wholesaling flip properties. If you are curious where you can best locate these differing types of buyers, look at my resource box for links to my blog. Besides some of the more apparent techniques of finding buyers, it has been extraordinarily successful to build a buyers list using Facebook and social media.