April 23, 2024


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Tips on How to be a Good Negotiator

Purchasing a property can be very exciting.  Maybe because of the whole process of home buying requires great understanding.  For you to have the feeling of the purchasing process, you need to master how to negotiate.  Apparently, you do not instantly pay for the initial price offer of the house.  If possible you will have to bargain not until both parties agreed to the price.  If you do not have any knowledge on the haggling process, you can go over these tips and use it when you start to talk to your broker.

Comparable market analyses (CMAs)

If you already found the property that you wish, the first step in negotiation is to assess the fair value.  CMAs show what similar properties in the area have sold for.  The real estate agent can give you the details on the CMAs.  There are real estate sites on the internet that can give you free property value estimators that will permit you to determine the selling prices of homes in your possible community.

Usually, CMAs aid you to evaluate if the proposed price is fair and just.  You can take a look at the prices of sold properties.  You will then assess the figures listed against the proposal offered to you because these amounts are not generally the

Best indicators of what the house will sell for.  There can be a big difference between the two figures.

The CMA normally shows you primary info about the properties being compared:  how many bedrooms and comfort rooms, square footage, the price list and the selling price.  Do not focus too much on the houses similar to the one you want, take a look at their description and location.  And secure that the details are current to prevent any miscalculation of the amounts.

Status of the Property

The condition or status plays a big role in the entire selling price of the house.  This will let you ask if the property that you want is attractive enough compared to the houses that are already sold?  Set a realistic comparison of the status, and then weigh everything.

Extra amenities

Apparently, you surely hope to stay in a house that has complete set of high-end facilities right?  Although amenities do not necessarily have a big effect on the price, not like the location and status, but it can still have a slight impact.  Watch out for this, since you might be too attracted to the living room facilities in the house you wish for, but keep in mind that it will not have a huge effect on the value of the house if you decide to sell in the future.


Expert negotiators gather as much data as possible on the house and the sellers.  The reason of the owner why he sold the property should be the first on your list.  Is there really a need to sell the property?  If the agent that represents you is a buyer’s agent, they can try to give you such details.  However, if you are talking to a broker that represents the seller, they usually keep mum about such data not until they have the permission of the seller.


If you are trying to be an expert negotiator, you have to be prepared always.  The major point is your state of mind.  Do not let your emotions rule over your common sense while negotiating.  Set a realistic goal and focus on it.  If the price offered is unfavorable for you, then leave the deal and find another one.