May 18, 2024


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Tips For Finding The Best Loan Modification Company

If you haven’t turned on the TV lately, it seems like Loan modifications are the latest craze.   A great alternative to refinancing, this is a less expensive way to reduce your mortgage payments permanently.  Unlike refinancing, there are no closing costs or appraisals fees.  Qualifying is not the same as it is for traditional mortgage financing.  For example, credit and the equity in your home are not considered qualifying factors.  In fact, many times the worse your situation, the better you might actually qualify for a mortgage loan modification.

If you are struggling with your payments, falling behind each month or facing the possibility of foreclosure, now is the time to act.  Once you have made the decision, the next step is to find a loan modification company which can successfully reduce your mortgage payments and give you a fresh start.   In the last two years, literally 100s of loan modification companies have been popping up.  With so many choices, you need to be extremely careful when deciding which company to use.   Here are the two most important things you need to check when looking:

 1-What is the Company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau?

 2-What is their track record (Ask to see some actual Modification results before/after)

Many modification companies have an F rating.  Some of them get this poor rating almost immediately after opening their doors.  This is due to the fact that they are unskilled and have minimal knowledge of the process.  They are more interested in taking your money and making a ‘half baked’ attempt to help.   On the other hand, some of the best loan modification companies will proudly show you their customer results and professional ratings.  This is an important decision, don’t be afraid to ask! 

If you noticed, I did not mention anything about price.  Do not make the mistake of choosing a modification company based on who has the lowest price.  Your home is your most important investment.  You don’t want to cut corners here.  The lowest price companies are the ones with the worst BBB ratings.  Remember, competency, not price, is what will get your modification completed successfully.

As final thought, it is imperative that the company you choose is performing all their services in-house.  Another words, make sure they are not contracting out their processing services.  If a company uses outside contract processing they might be able to reduce costs.   However, it is enormously ineffective and results in many failed modifications.  When everything is done in house, the results are powerful because communication is solid. 

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