April 14, 2024


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Thinking inside the box

Senior laptop science significant Conner Ozenne ’23 took on the Diy obstacle as a STAR investigate job.

“It was a excellent chance to use what I have learned in personal computer science lessons,” he says. “It also helped further more my comprehension of some foundational principles like networking and parallel computing.”

He had to think inside the box – the 14-by-14-by-16-inch clear acrylic housing, to be specific – to healthy all the elements together as a cluster supercomputer.

“Initially, a good deal of it was just calculations: How can we make this healthy in the box?” Ozenne says.

He made use of the precision laser cutter in the Deason Innovation Gymnasium campus makerspace to fabricate the airtight container.

“All of the sides ended up jagged puzzle parts. If the lower was off by a millimeter, they would not suit alongside one another,” he states.

Ozenne also had to deal with almost everything from budget management to offer-chain hiccups like acquiring the right sections on the internet. Means didn’t constantly put up correct technical specs, so there was a whole lot of returning and reordering.

“Another challenge we experienced to figure out was how to ability all these tiny desktops at when with out starting off a fireplace, which is constantly a issue,” Ozenne states.