April 14, 2024


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Things to Check Before Selling your Home

It’s not enough to just entrust the job of selling your house to a real estate agent or placing attractive advertisements if you are selling by owner. There are some pre-selling rituals you must abide by if you want to make your home ready-to-buy! Here are a few such things to take care of, so that you know for sure, that you have left a good impression on potential purchasers!

Odors are a major turn-off for all and sundry! Who would like to come to a house smelling of cigarettes, pets (which practically every American home has) and other rotten material? It is advisable to ask someone who doesn’t frequent your house much, to check if the house has a pungent air about it and be quick enough to rectify the mistake, if there’s one! Also, if you own a garden, try keeping it clean, trimmed and pleasant so that it looks totally fresh and new. In this competitive sector, the first impressions are often the last ones and odors may hint a dingy environment!

It’s good to leave the customer to himself while showing the house. Of course, you could show him around once so that he knows his way, but he may find it inconvenient if he wants to personally inspect everything. You must try to prioritize the buyer’s comfort; also if it’s a couple you are dealing with, they usually would want to discuss matters privately- so it’s better to leave them alone and let them do things at their convenience.

Good sanitation is a vital element of cleanliness. No one would like to visit a house where flushes don’t work, where plumbing is defective, walls have holes in them or taps are broken. A buyer would obviously give more preference to a house where he knows he would not have to undertake all this extra work! So even if you have to walk the extra mile and get all these things in place, be rest assured that hygienic washrooms will go a long way in making the right impressions.

In basements or unused bedrooms, ensure that you do not have moisture and mildew settling in. Spend a little in doing a thorough clean-up of your house and even a pest control program- if you think you need one so that it makes the visitor want to make the house, his home!

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