April 14, 2024


Mad about real estate

Things Are Changing for My Husband and Me

When I met a guy from Turkey a couple of years ago, all of our friends pushed us to go out on a date. I found him to be worldly and fascinating, but I had no idea that we would fall in love and marry in the end. Soon after, I found myself looking for apartments in Istanbul with him, and it was so surreal! I never thought that I would be leaving my own country for a visit, much less living anywhere. But now, I am so happy about where life has led me. I always thought that I would remain living in a small town, meet a local guy and spend the rest of my life in the same small area.

The man that I’m now married to is wonderful. In fact, he treats me with more respect than anyone else I have dated in my own home country. We have wonderful chemistry. We laugh, smile and do what we can to make our marriage stronger ever step of the way. It has been more than a dream come true. He was working in my country, and when his job visa expired, he needed to go back home. We continued our relationship long distance, and at some point, we realized that we did not want to be without one another. I had a lot of thinking to do at that point.

We spent a lot of time talking about which country we should live in. And beause he has more education and work experience than I do, we decided that it would be best for the two of us to go to his home country. So, this is where my new life is leading us, and we were both happy about it then and now. I can’t wait to move!