December 11, 2023


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The Pros and Cons of Living in a Row House

Maybe, you’ve seen identical homes that are attached or linked to each other. They are called row houses or at times town homes. They are becoming popular options among those who are starting to venture in an independent life. If you are contemplating of moving in a row house location, discussed below are its advantages and disadvantages for your better understanding.

1. Price. As compared to detached single family homes and condominiums, a row house unit is a cheaper option. In general, the cheaper selling price is attributed to fewer expenses incurred during construction. With this, it has become a popular option among young professionals and first time home buyers. However, it would be a more expensive option if you are just going to rent out a unit.

2. Maintenance. Row houses are built in coherence with the other units. They mirror the adjacent houses and are built to share side walls. When repairs and fixes are needed, owners of row houses can utilize the services of one contractor to perform such fixes. In many cases, residents of adjacent units in row houses form an association which takes care of maintenance on the structures. This is a big help especially for busy professionals who certainly want to devote more time to their professional lives. Yet, a downside would be to conform to the preference of the majority sacrificing personal choices if you have any.

3. Living Space. You certainly don’t have to worry about space because almost all parts of a detached single family home are also present in row houses. But, it is not an option if you are one who is fond of gardening due to limited spaces for greens and ornamentals. You also have to deal with finding nearby parking spaces because this is commonly an absent feature. Your guests would have to find some good distance when they visit you using their cars.

4. Order. Peace and order is generally well-taken cared of by the security staff of gated communities where these houses are located. Some developers also install security systems to record daily activities within the row house community. What you have to deal with is the noise which can come from your neighbors. Sounds of electronic appliances like television, home theater system and audio systems can be heard despite the homes being separated by walls.

5. Amenities. As part of established gated communities, residents would have to use amenities like swimming pool and community rooms with their neighbors. It is a great way to interact and socialize with others. But, this is surely not a preference if you are a very private person.

Given the pros and cons of living in row houses, it is expected that you have weighed them carefully. If living in it suits your preference and projected lifestyle, then it is a good choice. Otherwise, you can always tap the services of your local real estate agent to help you find the house of your choice.