September 24, 2023


Mad about real estate

The Princeton Elm Near the White House

In 2003, the mall across from the world’s most famous address, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, was being redesigned. The landscape architect contacted the groundskeepers of the White House to ask them what tree they thought should be the one that was viewed when going to or leaving the White House. The tree that was chosen was the Princeton American Elm.

The suggestion of the American elm by the National Park Service was probably a surprise for the people who are still mourning over the loss of nearly 100 million American elm to DED, or Dutch Elm Disease. The last 75 years have been difficult for the elm, a favorite shade tree for many in America. The tree chosen to grace the White House view is amazingly Dutch Elm Disease resistant. This shade tree is extremely adaptable, and is loved by millions.

Among some pure elms, it has been scientifically proven that a DED resistant tree not only exists, but can thrive in places where DED has destroyed the trees that are not as Dutch Elm Disease resistant. This is great news for people who love this shade tree, both for its long life and grace. The tree is perfect to line streets, and as it grows, the Princeton Elm arches over and gives a cathedral appearance to any street. Being Dutch Elm Disease resistant, there is no worry about the trees dying on the walk to the White House.

The beautiful trees that were planted in view of the White House in 2005 are doing wonderfully. The trees have already grown an inch in diameter and there are many that are over 20 feet high. They were planted in both single and double rows along the avenue, and are already arching to make the cathedral ceiling that is so known and loved throughout America. An elm tree is the perfect addition to your backyard, and as a shade tree, there is no equal. Since they are DED resistant, you don’t have to worry about a dying tree in your yard. DED resistant trees are perfect for small towns who want to line the streets with trees, and these are well worth the investment.