May 18, 2024


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The Open, Hook and Close – Sample Realtor Video Marketing Script Ideas

Realtors choosing to take the plunge and opt to have a high definition video created about them can struggle when trying to develop their agent marketing script. A promotional video is one tool that can help create an immediate impact on the visitor because it stimulates several senses at one time.

The typical flat or static web site is skimmed quickly without much regard to the realtor trying to get their brand implanted into the memory of their audience. A marketing video changes things a bit since the realtor who is being touted in the video is becoming more known to the web visitor and more likely to be remembered when the time comes to sell their home.

Writing a marketing script can be a bit overwhelming for those who rarely market themselves. Much like a resume creates a picture of a candidate looking for employment, a marketing video is your 60 second commercial to the prospective client seeking services you are offering.

Essentially the three areas of a video constitute the opening, hook and close. The opening sets the stage for presenting the agent in a favorable manner and creates an instant impression of market experience and customer focus.

Here are a few marketing script ideas you can use to help build your video marketing content:

When building “The Open” you need to develop a quick picture of yourself into the mind of the individual being sold on your services.

Opening: Montgomery Emerson is a tried and true professional who has been in real estate for over XX years and has a passion for matching the right family to the right home. Montgomery Emerson is a realtor you can trust with your listing who will do everything in his power to foster a wide range of resources to market your home in the most effective manner.

The next section of your script or “The Hook” should be the “meat” of your presentation. Here is where you create 30 seconds full of language that explains your successful selling strategies and methods that create a unique picture of your services over the vanilla realtor next door.

Sample Hook: As a progressive real estate agent, Montgomery Emerson has successfully utilized the latest internet marketing techniques to drive potential buyers to online listings. His unique marketing programs are tailored to meet your needs and leverage the strengths of your home in various promotional campaigns he develops. He is unlike any other realtor in the area when it comes to real estate sales and marketing strategies

The hook builds upon the foundation of the open and creates an instant impression of professionalism in the mind of the viewer.

Finally, “The Close” completes the marketing script by wrapping up the first two components and summarizing all of the reasons why the realtor is the best choice.

When looking to sell your home, do not go with a vanilla realtor who just came into the marketplace, put your trust into the hands of a seasoned veteran like Montgomery Emerson. He has the work ethic and marketing strategies to get your home sold for the highest price in the shortest period of time.

In summary, every realtor should build their own marketing portfolio to include a 1 minute commercial on their own strengths to add to their website. This will differentiate them from the rest of the agents who have a flat face on their website and know creative marketing techniques to drive customers their way. Using the open, hook and close in your marketing script, will help develop a crisp and concise script that will make a memorable impression and gets the prospect to call you when they are ready to sell their home.