July 23, 2024


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The Importance of a Hutch in Raising Healthy and Happy Rabbits

The Importance of a Hutch in Raising Healthy and Happy Rabbits

Any real pet lover would want nothing but the best for their “friends”. As such they often find themselves browsing the internet for the best food/ diet, care and grooming tips that they can give their pet. Then again, a few people tend to forget that those are not the only factors to consider if you want to keep your friends happy. Apart from food, vitamins and grooming, one of the primary factors for you to consider is a home or a housing facility.

Well, that cannot really be a problem if you are taking care of cats and/ or dogs right? This is because you can easily share your home with them. But what if you own something else that cannot exactly walk around your house? Like a rabbit perhaps? What kind of housing can you get for them?

If you plan on having your rabbits stay outside your home where they can get a lot of sun and cool breeze, then getting a rabbit hutch can be one of your options. Their makes of wood and metal is just enough to give them the protection they need from harsh weather and the metal wire mesh that functions as a window is just about adequate to give them the amount of ventilation they need.

But apart from those, hutches are also good homes for rabbits because the small and enclosed space inside them is just about enough to give them the sense of protection they always seem to require. Yes, contrary to what most people know, rabbits can get scared a lot. And they need the small spaces inside the hutch to make them seem feel safer and more secure all the time.

The entire structure is also built according to their needs. For example, wire mesh or perforated flooring that is built in the rabbit hutch is ideal because it allows your pet’s urine and feces to go through easily. If a different style of flooring is used, you would not only have to deal with a stinky smell but you are also making your pet more prone to skin diseases.

Lastly, if you consider on attaching a rabbit run and ramp on your hutch, their home can easily double as a gym too. Now if you are someone who has been taking of rabbits for quite some time, you know that this is important because rabbits in general are prone to obesity. So as an owner, you must make sure that your rabbits get the exercise that they need at any given time. Note however that the rabbit run has to be as tough and as heavy as the hutches because dogs, cats and foxes may have the tendency to chase after them.

Those are some of the reasons why a rabbit hutch is important in raising not only a healthy but a happy rabbit as well. Now if those are ample enough to convince you in buying one, then you may start browsing over some designs at a few reputable online stores.