June 24, 2024


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The Global Property Guide – Relaunched!

The Global Property Guide today re-launched its web site to make its data more accessible. The home page has been simplified. Major categories have been spelled out. The new Home Page has been organized around an expanded menu, to help the reader navigate the site. Key data items are easier to find, more obvious.

The Global Property Guide
The Global Property Guide is the authoritative source of information on buying residential property. It covers every investible country in the world, from the perspective of income, tax, and capital gains. We provide research and information on 131 countries to residential property investors, with brief information on 85 countries.

Property, as an asset class, is highly susceptible to booms and busts. Across the Western world major countries have experienced a prolonged residential property boom.

Like stock prices (but with markedly different dynamics) residential property prices are now coming back down to earth. We help investors make sense of these swings by providing tools of analysis, and displaying data in a clear, comprehensive and accurate format.

Our fundamental residential property market data includes

• Price change 1 year
• Price change 5 year
• Price change 10 year
• Square metre price city centre
• Total round-trip transaction cost
• Gross yield
• Price to rent (P/R) ratio
• Price to Gross Domestic Product
• Change in interest rates
• Taxes on income (effective rates)
• Capital gains tax (effective)
• Inheritance taxes (effective)
• Buying process (graded by quality)
• Tenant legislation (graded as landlord-friendly)
• Residence (high tax / low tax)
• Economic growth
• Competitiveness
• GDP per capita
• Competitiveness rank, improvement over 5 years
• Stage of economic cycle

“Our aim is to be the Bloomberg of international residential property,” says publisher Matthew Montagu-Pollock, referring to the financial site on trading desks around the world (https://www.bloomberg.com/). “Bloomberg provides data – but also makes it easy to use.”

“It’s important for a residential investor be able to see what his likely return on investment will be. What his taxes will be. To be able quickly to check whether the laws are landlord-friendly. To survey the inheritance laws. All this is now available, for almost every country in the world, on our site, without any marketing material or any attempt to sell you anything – just the facts.”

The Global Property Guide is an on-line property research house.

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