February 22, 2024


Mad about real estate

The first big step to becoming a property investor or real estate investor

How many times have your heard someone telling you all about how they plan to get rich from real estate investing? Or how many times have you thought to yourself that you are going to start getting into property investing to create wealth? There are so many of us who are ‘going to’ and so few who actually do!

The first step in becoming a property investor is to get active. Do something! The feeling of lack of knowledge, information overload or analysis paralysis means that many people end up never deciding anything which means they never actually get started. Success is kind of like a big ship, hard to get going, but once your going – well, you’re off! And of course, once your off, then steering your big ship gets easier too!

So if you are struggling with that first step that will take you over the threshold of doing nothing to taking action then consider doing one of the following. These small steps may start your momentum going and lead you into bigger actions:
Set yourself a property goal – big or small, short term or long term. Ultimately you’ll want to make a few of these, but hey, even if you start with one, it’s still a start!
Conduct some research – Think about what strategy you want to employ and get online to do some property research.
Learn something- buy a property magazine, a book, listen to a podcast, read some websites. There are many free and inexpensive resources out there. Do a real estate investing course, these can be great!
Make a decision to act.

Call yourself a property investor. This may be the first step to changing you mindset and getting your big ship going!

Maybe your first decision is to call yourself a property investor. See? It wasn’t that hard after all!