April 18, 2024


Mad about real estate

The Cold Hard Truth About Becoming a Real Estate Agent

I can already see the gleam in your eye when you read the simple words, “Becoming a Real Estate Agent”!  You’re not alone by any means, that very same phrase brings smiles to the faces of countless people around the globe as they day dream about how their lives would be different if they were a real estate agent.

Its funny really, you talk to the majority of real estate agents and they will tell you that its just another job, no more than another means of putting food on the table for their families and yet many of us still tend to place real estate agents high up on top of that fictitious shining pedestal, which seemingly makes it more difficult to obtain.

The agents have it right though, by allowing yourself to see real estate as a job rather than a dream, you will find that the journey is not nearly as daunting when you reach the end.  There is really nothing glamorous about becoming a real estate agent, you start out in the trenches and work your way up just as you would in any other position, what is glamorous is the potential for making a great income.

While most jobs limit you to the amount you can make by paying hourly wages, witholding raises and career advancement you know where this is going, real estate is completely the opposite.  Real estate agents are payed by commission, in other words a percentage of the sales they make, sounds great right?  It is unless you don’t make any, or very few sales, then you will find that a commission based career lacks in the income department.  You see with real estate you can make really great money, really poor money or something right in the middle, but the amount you earn depends on only one thing, you!

Each time you come across a real estate agent that is regularly making huge checks and living the fabulous lifestyle don’t start to think about how great it would be to have that job, but rather how hard that person must work to make that kind of money.  If that particular person were not working their tail off day in and day out, they would be just another faceless agent struggling to make ends meet, and believe me, there are a lot of them out there.

You see, this article in by no means meant to discourage you from becoming a real estate agent but instead open your eyes to the reality behind the glamour that many of you have been blinded by.  Sure real estate agents are rewarded well for their hard work, but if the hard work isn’t there neither are the rewards, just like everything else in life.