February 22, 2024


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The Benefits of Using a Lockbox on Your Rental Home

Property owners may have seen the use of a lockbox for real estate purposes, but don’t fully understand the benefits of using one when trying to rent out their property. There are two types of lockboxes, mechanical and electronic. The mechanical lockbox can be opened by a person who knows the code or combination, regardless if they are a realtor or not. Electronic lockboxes can only be opened by a member or affiliate of a realtor association.

Many Utah property management companies use mechanical lockboxes so anyone can access it. This means if a potential tenant wants to look at a house, they can be told the code and go check out the property without the need of a realtor to show them around. This can be beneficial if a realtor is unable to meet the tenant at a convenient time for them. KeyRenter is a Utah property management company that uses lockboxes on all of their rental homes. Utah has many rental homes available that uses lockboxes for the convenience of potential renters.

Using a lockbox is an effective tool for Keyrenter.com to use to obtain more showings for a property.  The more people who are able to be shown the property, the higher the chances of it being rented out. Using a lockbox can provide an advantage when there are cases of an out-of-state person comes into visit Utah for a short amount of time to find a rental home. With the lockbox, they are able to obtain access to properties quickly and according to their schedule. Without a lockbox, there might be a missed opportunity of finding a tenant.

Keyrenter provides its clients with a lockbox installation and removal. They provide this service because they understand the high advantages of it. It also provides more security for your unoccupied home from unwanted intruders. Lockboxes are put on the front doors and can also be put on other entryways such as gates, security screens, and back doors. It is essentially a way to secure the key to the property. When the key is removed, it can be used to open the door and enter the property.

Next time you decide to rent your home, be sure to look into using a lockbox for better results. Using a Utah property management team such as KeyRenter can provide lockboxes that could be expensive if you personally buy it for your own use. Whereas Keyrenter provides this service to you already along with all the other benefits of finding you a quality tenant, on-call support, property management, leasing, and accounting needs.