May 20, 2024


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The Benefits of the Waterproof Camera

Those precious and memorable moments that happen in our lives can be captured forever thanks to the invention of the camera. We can relive them years later as we page through the photographs we have taken and remember those times and the people with which we shared them. Thanks to new advancements in technology cameras are now able to go just about anywhere we do including under water.

Thanks to the development of the digital underwater camera it is now possible to document your underwater activities such as your child’s first swimming lesson, pool parties, or your snorkeling adventures while on vacation. A host of possibilities opens up and becomes available when you use a waterproof camera. Gone are the days when filming underwater was only available to a select few because nowadays we have pocket-sized underwater cameras that are not only affordable but are simple to use and produce excellent quality results.

If you are considering purchasing an underwater camera you will need to consider the following:

  • Your underwater camera should carry a rating of 10 feet at least. This is ideal for your swimming pool and beach activities. If you want to use your camera when you snorkel or dive you will need it to have a rating of 30 feet or more.
  • Depending upon the amount you are willing to spend on your waterproof camera you will need to bear in mind that sometimes there is a mechanical noise that results when the zoom feature is used which is not pleasant when you are watching the footage you have taken. The more expensive the camera the less likelihood there will be of mechanical noise.
  • The more megapixels you have the better the image quality so at least 10 megapixels is advisable.
  • Make sure that your underwater camera that you choose offers image stabilization for the different shooting modes.
  • Make certain that the camera you choose has good, strong housing that will also float. Accidents will happen and you need to be reasonably sure that your camera will be able to withstand the odd knock or bump.

It is important to remember that if you want quality you will need to be prepared to pay for it. A good quality waterproof camera cost around $300 although you also have the option of purchasing a secondhand one. The drawback to this option is that it will probably no longer be under warranty.

If you are not inclined to use your underwater camera for some reason you can choose to purchase a disposable one that is great for a number of outdoor water-based activities and many offer an underwater rating of between 15 to 50 feet. They usually come pre-loaded with 400-speed film and 27 exposures. They are shock resistant and boast heavy-duty housing. They retail at between $6 and $20 but if you purchase them wholesale in quantity you can get them at an even cheaper price.

No matter if you intend to use your waterproof camera on vacation, when you are enjoying your summer in the family swimming pool, for those excursions to the beach, or for your snorkeling and diving adventures you will be glad that you decided to purchase an underwater camera so that you can record those precious moments that life offers for years to come.