May 18, 2024


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Texas Professional Land Surveyors

Professional land surveyors are persons who are authorized to survey private or public property to mark the boundaries of the area that is surveyed. Each state has its own rules and regulations. In Texas, the Texas professional land surveyor is one who has the authority to survey the land or the topography of any property. This is done for a fee. The surveyor uses various methods of measurement, analysis, computation, mapping, land description writing, research and the laws of the place to assess the property.

The Texas Board of Land Surveying conducts tests that a professional land surveyor must pass. This could be by education, experience or testing or a combination of any of the three.When contacting a land surveyor it is necessary to have the deed, which is the legal description of the land. The professional surveyor will then mark any feature that he sees in the land, either natural or artificial. He will also mark the boundary fences and cross fences of the land. He will fix the area and prepare a map. Then he will certify that the plot is accurate. He will sign it and fix the seal of registration. If there is any dispute over boundaries, he is qualified to survey it and be an expert witness in case of any lawsuits.

It is best to engage the services of a professional land surveyor and get the place surveyed before anything is built on it. This is true for any real estate, any part of a land that is bought or where a boundary is necessary.It is essential to get a reliable and experienced professional land surveyor to do the job. He should be judged by his work and not by the price paid. The job of the surveyor is to tell you where your property is according to the records. You need to tell him what services you want from him. He will be able to tell you your boundaries and the clearance needed with the adjoining property. You need to give the surveyor the description of the property which is available in the deed, the title insurance policy and the abstract of the property.

The service charge for routine surveys can be estimated and given in advance. This includes the time taken to survey the place, make maps, write descriptions and search records. Anything that is more difficult, like conflicts in deeds or lost or stolen property corners will cost more and the cost may not be available in advance.

The Texas professional surveyor does different types of surveys. They do land title survey. This gives the boundary with the corners, curvatures and angle points. This is necessary for the records. They do a boundary or survey in which they survey the boundary. This is used for any purpose other than title insurance. They route surveys for channels, creeks, roads, transmission lines etc. They do topographic survey for their clients. This is a survey and a map of any feature, elevations and contours on the land. They do horizontal and vertical control surveys. This is for boundary control, route construction, forensic and investigative surveys. Investigative or forensic surveys are done when there is any problem that goes to court. This is a combination of all the above surveys. This is done for problem involving boundary lines, encroachments, protrusions or accidents.

The Texas Professional land surveyors follow a code of ethics. They render the best service. The surveyors use many modern methods and techniques to perform their duties capably. They form a part of a professional team architect, surveyor, engineer and an attorney to do their job well. The surveyor’s services are extremely invaluable for a person buying land or involved in any dispute regarding land.