July 13, 2024


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Tax Deed Research – Fast Track Your Researching Energies – Invest in Florida

Tax deed research is not easy for the novice tax deed investor, especially when you don’t know where to begin. The general public is becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of investing in tax deeds, but very few understand how to begin, or even what skills are required to make a start.

The majority of states that hold tax deed sales require of the counties to keep accurate records and make them available to the general public to sell the tax deeds. To comply, the counties often create a website that is available to the public and which contains this information.

Every investor who endeavors to unearth great tax deed deals find that they tend to bottle-neck in their efforts when it comes to finding the correct websites where the essential and pertinent information is hidden.

Although the counties state that the information is ‘public information’, the public is not informed on how to navigate the sites or even find the sites in the first place. Unless you are an experienced online researcher already, you will discover that navigating the county websites is a skill.

All counties are run by local governments, which are, like most bureaucracies, made up of various departments, department heads, clerical and other ancillary staff. Each of the departments has their own website, is developing it, or hopes to develop one in time.

The County will have a website, the Clerk of the Court will have a website, the Property Appraiser will have a website, and the Tax Collector will have a website. All four of these departments and their websites are essential to intelligent and efficient tax deed research.

If you were working at researching just one county in one state, that is still four different places you will have to go to find out essential information, or what is known as due diligence. If you are working a whole state, like Florida for example, multiply that by 67 counties. That is already 268 websites – at a minimum. Multiply that by 20 to 40 separate properties that you must perform due diligence on as you research each of them, or risk making an investment mistake. Now multiply all of that by the 32 states that participate in some form of tax deed sales!

Imagine if you had to find all of these websites on your own? You would have to find them, bookmark them, and then arrange them in a logical format for ease of access. Believe me it’s quite a task. I know, because I have done exactly that for the 67 Florida counties. What an experience that was! Now you know why I specialize in just one state – and one could argue that it is the best state to specialize in.

Sure, the essential websites are available to the public, but are the public available to them? I know that sounds like a strange question, but try finding the websites and sorting them out, and see if you really want to make yourself available.

But, what if you could go to just one place? What if you could go to just one web page and that web page contained every county and every website that was pertinent to tax deed research for each and every county in Florida? What if you could connect direct? That would create a big advantage and would surely accelerate your tax deed investing efforts!

Advantages like that would fast-track your valuable researching energies and hard work, reducing frustration, which often chokes the investor’s desire to succeed in this business.

Why spend thousands of dollars and many, many hours of your valuable time learning how to research the whole of the USA market and the hundreds of counties (just more complications), when you can focus your power to greater advantage, rather than dissipating your precious energy and losing your forward momentum?

In short, trying to work the whole of the USA market is really ‘information overload’ and investment energy depletion — a sure-fire way to lose the desire.  Not to mention the masses of data that has to be analyzed to reduce it to a feasible workload, and having to buy and use countless tools (extra costs) to do so.

Shortcut and fast-track your efforts, and focus on Florida, because people all over the world desire to either own real estate or live in Florida ? or both!

Florida is a Treasure Chest of opportunities for real estate investing – and those opportunities can be found in one place at TaxDeedTreasures.com.