July 13, 2024


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Tax Deed Foreclosure Sales – What are Tax Deed Sales and How to find a Good Deal?

With the deepening global economic situation some of the best real estate opportunities are coming up like investing in property through tax deed sales. Tax deed Foreclosure sales are another kind of foreclosures for sale and are a great way to buy a property at a very good bargain deal. So whether you are a home buyer or an investor, understanding about the process as well as the sources of finding good tax foreclosure sales can help you get the best real estate bargain ever.

Understanding Tax deed foreclosure sales

Most of the foreclosed homes are taken repossessed due when the homeowner is unable to pay his loan amount to the mortgage company, but another kind of foreclosure also takes place when a homeowner defaults on the real estate taxes and doesn’t pay them. In such cases the property is foreclosed and put up for tax deed sales.

Most of the foreclosed property in tax deed sales is sold through public auctions where the property is sold to the highest bidder directly. Though tax foreclosure sales of deeds are not as highly advertised in the foreclosure market, but it is possible to find some great deals through this avenue.

The following pointer will be very helpful for finding good bargain deals on properties under tax deed sales:

•    Understand local regulations – Tax deed foreclosure sales process is varies from state to state and therefore it is very important to understand the local laws. For instance the tax sales in most states are done at the county level under the jurisdiction of the treasurer or the auditor while the state of Ohio they are done as sheriff sales which also carries out the mortgage foreclosures.

•    Knowing the minimum bidding value – As the foreclosed properties are sold at public auctions the minimum bidding criteria varies locally. In some places the minimum bidding is the appraised value of the property, or a fraction of the appraised value and even the tax amount owed in some cases.  

•    Contact the tax collector – In order to know the local regulation in your area you can contact the treasurer or the tax collector in your state and get information about the upcoming tax foreclosure sales.