April 15, 2024


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"Street View" Makes Viewing Mexico Homes in Puerto Vallarta Easy

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate has become well established as one of the favorite choices for North Americans planning on retiring, or just looking for a second home, away from all the snow. More than 50,000 Americans and Canadians have already chosen to invest in a top-of-the-line Mexico Condo or Mexico Home in Puerto Vallarta, and once visitors see what Puerto Vallarta has to offer, many of them decide to buy a home here and join this community in an already thriving beachfront city.

While many people fall in love with Puerto Vallarta while visiting, they carry out their search for a condo or villa from back home, relying heavily on the internet for the searching stage, and later combine this tool with regular phone contact with their agent, and finally visits. One of the most powerful tools for searching the internet, is of course, Google; this search engine provides several other useful options for property searches. One of these is the satellite view, which real estate sites can use to show buyers the exact location of the property they are buying. A relatively new tool is that of “Street View,” which allows internet users to take “virtual walk” through neighbourhoods where the option has been made available. Recently TOPMexicoRealEstate.com has become the first web site in Latin America to add this tool to its listings pages, allowing Puerto Vallarta and other real estate buyers to see the property in the context of its neighbourhood.

Google “Street View” was first made available in 2007, for only a hand full of cities in the U.S. From their the service spread to other parts of the U.S., Canada and Europe, as well as a few other areas. In mid-November, 2009, Street View was first made available for Mexico, providing service for Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Puebla, in addition to Puerto Vallarta.

Property buyers who visit the TOPMexicoRealEstate internet listings (accessible from the main page, on the “Listings” tab) can browse listings from 11 of Mexico’s key real estate destinations for international buyers. When buyers choose to see further information for Puerto Vallarta (as well as Cancun, Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya), in addition to numerous pictures, a detailed description, below there is a satellite map and, since the end of November, a “Street View” image of the property (a unique feature of TOPMexicoRealEstate is that it provides an image of the property in question first). The site’s visitors can click on the image to “turn around” and get a full 360 degree view of the area around the condo or home. They can also click on the street to “walk forward” and view more of the community.

This option allows buyers to get a better feel for what they are looking at; if they have already visited Puerto Vallarta, it will help them to pinpoint exactly which part of town the property is in – more than the abstract image from a satellite above. For those who haven’t, they can “take a walk” through town and get a feel for the city. Of course, the most important step for a buyer is to contact a reliable, experienced agent to help them find the condo or home perfect for their needs, but this tool can help a buyer in the initial stages get a better feel of what they are looking for. TOPMexicoRealEstate has taken Puerto Vallarta Real Estate on the internet another important step forward in service and convenience for condo or home buyers.

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