June 20, 2024


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Stop Notice California

Stop Notice of Default California

What is the meaning of foreclosure to the homeowners? A lot people believe that once foreclosure begins, all hope of keeping their house is lost. Nothing could be further from the truth. On this web page, you will find a example which outlines the typical time-frame for the foreclosure process. IT’S STILL AN OPTION TO DEFEND YOUR HOME AT ANY TIME DURING THE FORECLOSURE PROCESS. Stop Notice of Default California

Please do not panic just because you have got a Notice of Default – many of options are available. The critical key in determining whether or not you will be able to protect your home is to take action fast – before it is truly too past due to do anything.Stop Notice of Default California

Average Foreclosure Time Frame*

The timeline shown below is typical in a non-judicial foreclosure. The foreclosure time frame does not begin until the bank senses they have explored all options for curing the payment delinquency. Normally, this happens after the borrower has defaulted on 3 monthly loan payments. The homeowner has most likely been reached by the mortgage company several times prior to starting the foreclosure proceedings. The official foreclosure proceedings then begins when the lender contacts a Trustee and instructs them to file a Notice of Default. Stop Notice of Default California

What sorts of personal hardships do banks use for Mortgage Mods?

With the exploding amount of loan modification cases received daily, lenders need to prioritize these loans for examination along with the borrower’s hardship form and financial documents. These are the types of personal hardships lenders are accepting:

* Adjustable Rate Mortgage Reset – Payment Shock Illness
* Loss of Job
* Reduced Income
* Failed Business
* Job Relocation
* Death of family
* Incarceration
* Divorce
* Marital Separation
* Military Duty
* Medical Bills
* Damage to property (Natural Disaster or Unnatural)

Let us work together and make a change. Stop Notice of Default California