March 3, 2024


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Stop Foreclosure On Your Raleigh, North Carolina House Fast Through A Short Sale

Raleigh, North Carolina – 2009

Homeowners looking for a fast sale in Raleigh and surrounding areas isn’t going to happen with listing your house through a real estate agent.  According to the numbers home sales are down to a whopping 709 homes sold in the month of February.  Those numbers suggest that out of all the houses in Raleigh on around 700 actually sold and real estate agents were the ones that contributed to such a low number of homes sold.

The foreclosure crisis and housing market bust is leading the Raleigh to a five year low, as far as, houses sold are concerned.  That means homeowners that need to sell their house fast because they are facing the threat of foreclosure need to make their house stand out from the houses on the market. The number 709 houses sold are at a really low number and the only thing that can help a house sell faster is by having the lowest price on the market.  The only problem is home values have been pretty stagnate over the years which means most homeowners have little or no equity.

Owners with little or no equity that are behind on their mortgage payment only hope to sell their house fast is something called a short sale.  Short sales are becoming the leading method to help homeowners avoid the foreclosure process.  The current state of the Raleigh housing market more homeowners behind on their payments will have to short sale their house if they want to seriously stop foreclosure by making their house more marketable.

A short sale is when the homeowner’s mortgage lender agrees to reduce the mortgage balance owed to a price that makes the house more marketable.  Lenders agree to short sales because they can cut their losses early and recoup their money as soon as possible.  Lenders will rather get their money now rather than take a house back that may decrease in value, resulting in a lower bottom line.  Plus a short sale can cut cost such as foreclosure fees, attorney and realtor fees.

Homeowners benefit from a short sale as well because they can avoid foreclosure and qualify for a home quicker than allowing their lender to take their house.  Freddie Mac will lend to a homeowner that went through a short sale in as little as 2-3 years versus 5 years for a foreclosure.  Owners can also negotiate the balance which can become a judgment to a zero balance which is impossible if they let their house go to foreclosure.