Starting Out As A Landlord

Letting out your first property as its landlord is quite a tricky process and most of the time cutting corners will not get you anywhere. Slightly more of a professional attitude is needed than furnishing property with old furniture, sticking ads about and waiting for any responses.

You need to be prepared to put time and money into your efforts. Making property appealing is the best way to bring in the tenants even if they have inspected the surrounding area yet. The quality of the bathroom and kitchen is key, as these are the places that tenants expects to be perfectly clean, modern and look out for bonuses such as dishwasher and tumble dryers.

To keep everything to everyone’s taste, try to keep the colours running through the house/flat to a neutral standard. Decorating living rooms and hallways with cream and white will always attract potential tenants due to how clean and large the tones instantly help to create in the room. It doesn’t cost much to repaint (a quick whitewash of the place) so make sure everything looks like the tenant could have their own influence over it.

Many tenants that come to visit your property will be young professionals who are not yet making the choice of having a mortgage, or students who only have enough money for rent. So generally garages, drives and shed space are not necessary for your property, although having shops and attractions nearby may sway their decision for a contract with you.

When it comes to furniture in the place, it needs to be modern, hardwearing, well fitted, and practical, but instead of buying all new furnishings to fit in with this idea why not use furniture rental? Furniture hire companies provide cost efficient, high-quality furniture and fit for your purpose from size, layouts, colours and the time period of how long your tenant needs to stay.

They also make sure that each furnishing is modern and purchased to suit the living standards of your tenants so saves a lot of time hassle and brain strain on your part.

A way to avoid hassle as a landlord is to use an agency. They will charge you around 10 per cent of the rent but in the long run will be extremely beneficial. But remember they cannot sort problems that your tenants are having and you will be the one who is contacted to resolve them all.