July 13, 2024


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South Charlotte NC Real Estate – Ardrey and Blakeney

South Charlotte real estate has always been a safe bet. Whether it was south Charlotte close to uptown (like Myers Park), or further south in Charlotte, down near Ballantyne. It seems that the Ballantyne development had grown so fast, that it has gushed over its original borders. This new hot spot is Blakeney, located in the vicinity of Ardrey Kell and Rea Road.

Ballantyne was so popular from the onset, it was a natural to re-create parts of it, just two miles down the road. The land was available, the infrastructure was in place, and walah!, we have a brand new pedestrian friendly shopping center. Complete with a Target store, Black and White, Victoria’s Secret, Anne Taylor’s Loft, it goes on…Boardwalk shoes, Marshalls, another Harris Teeter (our #1 grocery store) and some incredible restaurants…131 Main, Encore, Brixx pizza, of course the list goes on. This development is much more “kid friendly” with out door built in running space and fountains near some of the outdoor eateries.

Here, you will find another great selection of Charlotte homes and neighborhoods to choose from. Not quite as pricey as Ballantyne (close). The real estate in this area includes it all!; patio homes, custom homes, single family residences, townhomes, condos and apartment dwellings. From a community stand point, the Blakeney area tends to have more of a focus on swim neighborhoods and a little less focus on golf course neighborhoods.

Blakeney was created to blend itself in with the Ballantyne development. This has been done beautifully. Boulevarded streets, with young trees and plantings (eventually, these will take our breath away-like Myers Park trees do!), neighborhoods with heavily landscaped berms backing up to the main roads, and lots of busy families scurrying about to the nearby soccer fields and such.

(AS A SIDE NOTE:The area is also close to one of many Greenway Park system entries. If you like the great outdoors, seek the Greenway Park system out as a “must do”. These are Mecklenburg Park trails with wooden bridges and small benches carved out along the way, all under a canopy of trees with batches of sunlight here and there. The trails are typically rambling along side creeks and streams, with an occasional pond or field popping up. Take your bike or take a hike. These are just great and can be found throughout the city of Charlotte! It’s another place to scurry of to.)

Like the Ballantyne development, this area of Charlotte continues with the top notch schools of Ardrey High School; J.M. Robinson and Community House Middle School; McKee Road, Hawk Ridge, and Polo Ridge Elementary Schools. Home values continue to climb as the schools continue to be sought out. If you purchase your Charlotte real estate here, you won’t end up disappointed with your decision. Again, it’s a safe bet.

The home values for Blakeney may not be as pricey as Ballantyne, but they are not cheap. I suppose all is relative, so, here is a sampling of what you can expect in this area for getting a vague idea of pricing as if you are looking for South Charlotte homes for sale (as of July 2009):

Single family homes will range from about $200,000 to 1.2 million (Ballantyne tops off around 3 million). There you have it! The median range for the area is aobut the same as Ballantyne-$250,000 to $500,000. Here, you will have more homes in the price range to actually choose from.

Townhomes and condos run higher, most are newer than the Ballantyne’s and quite upscale. Ranging anywhere from $150,000 all the way up to $800,000. The median being around $200,000.