May 25, 2024


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Solve your Financial Problems – Sell your House Fast for Cash

Sell a house fast for cash and you won’t be at the mercy of estate agents. Some estate agents promise you a quick property sale, but there’s just no way they can deliver. For those who require a fast cash loan UK estate agents’ promises don’t help, because you can’t rely on getting the money when you need it. If you are already aware of how you can sell a house fast for cash, then it’s time to call us so we can get started. If you are interested in a fast house sale but don’t know where to start, then this article provides advice from the experts. Read it, then call us so we can help you.

Don’t believe an estate agent who promises selling a house for quick buyout. They have no control over what happens when you have received and accepted an offer on your home. There can be delays at any point in the housing chain, putting your house sale at risk. You may need to start all over again. So who can you count on to sell a house fast for cash, if not an estate agent?

A professional house buyer.

St Genix Fast House Buyers are independent specialist property buyers. We are experts in helping you to sell a house fast for cash. There is no one else involved and you don’t have to renovate your home, market it, or get strangers in to view it. Instead you can get:

An agreed cash sum within four weeks
Our discretion
No housing chain

You can also save on
Getting your property ready for sale
Legal costs
Estate agency fees
Bills and mortgage payments

Even if you want to wait a while before selling, we can work with you. Whether you want to speed up or slow down the timetable, we will set a completion date that suits you. Sometimes you need to sell a house fast for cash because of impending repossession. We will move quickly, help you talk to the court and speak to your creditors so that you can take control and arrange a private sale.

You don’t even need to worry about moving out, as we have a rent back deal. There’s n need to be concerned about mortgage payments, and you can remain securely in your family home.

Don’t bother to fix up the house, as we are prepared to buy any property, no matter what condition it’s in. That’s why a guaranteed sale is such a great option – no estate agent can offer that. Our process is simple, straightforward and gives you cash in hand with a quick property sale.