June 21, 2024


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Seven Words To Describe Commercial Mortgage Options

Business borrowers should be aggressively developing strategies for dealing with the serious ongoing commercial banking problems likely to negatively impact their ability to obtain business finance help because there are very few reliable signs indicating that commercial mortgage options are about to improve. This report provides several straightforward and brief descriptions using seven words to explain commercial real estate financing and to facilitate efforts with lenders. Consistent with our in-depth analysis about the growing consensus that small businesses are currently confronting one of the worst commercial lending environments during the past sixty years, we adopted a similar approach in commercial financing articles that include “six words describing small business loans”.

“Commercial loans are getting harder to find” is the first illustration of seven words to describe commercial real estate financing. It is not sufficient to find a bank that says that they can help with commercial property loans or any other form of small business financing. Finding banks that are routinely providing commercial mortgage options to small businesses is the acid test. Bankers are typically stating that they are lending normally when in fact they are not, and this is both a disappointing and common observation.

As a second seven-word description, “business financing is the next big problem” indicates growing commercial property loan concerns on several levels. Residential mortgage financing problems (the first big problem for banks) have not yet been successfully put to rest by far too many banks. Declining sales, decreasing business property values and depleted bank resources are part of the overwhelming evidence to support the likelihood that commercial real estate loans will become an even more serious problem. Further bank bailouts related to commercial property loans are highly unlikely, and banks are continuing to fail at a record rate.

Our third group of seven words describing commercial real estate loans is “contingency planning is critical for commercial mortgages”. To help businesses plan in advance what to do if something goes wrong, this approach to business planning has always been an invaluable tool. Small business owners have discovered during recent years that for improving commercial mortgage options, a similar contingency planning perspective is equally valuable. If a commercial borrower has a small business loan that their current bank can recall with very little advance notice, this strategic thinking is especially critical. With commercial property loans for small businesses, such a possibility is particularly common.

“Borrowers need a healthy amount of skepticism” represents our final seven words describing commercial real estate financing. This is true even if a small business owner believes that they have no current worries involving commercial mortgage options. It might be helpful to recall that banks were almost universally less than accurate and candid in describing their problems with residential mortgages. This observation should be evaluated in the light of banks reporting that they are lending normally to businesses while simultaneously eliminating or reducing commercial loan programs for small businesses. Being skeptical of commercial banks for the foreseeable future is appropriate for any prudent commercial borrower.

A more complete understanding of the practical small business finance options necessary to cope with one of the most chaotic commercial banking climates seen in decades should also be facilitated by a review of commercial financing reports such as “six more words about business loans” and “seven words to describe merchant cash advances”. Small business owners will generally need to plan ahead and be more aggressive in their efforts to successfully locate reliable business financing alternatives because effective and practical commercial mortgage options seem to be declining. This report was intentionally structured to produce a concise overview of pertinent commercial real estate finance issues by describing commercial real estate loan difficulties in seven words.