May 29, 2024


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Sell to rent back options could lead to more money worries says cash homebuyer expert, SecureASale

‘Sell my house fast’ specialist, SecureASale has today highlighted the pitfalls to sellers that selling a property to rent it back throws up.

LONDON, UK- Property quick sale expert, SecureASale has today issued a report on the severe downsides to selling a property in order to rent it back again.

SecureASale company director and UK property market expert, Tim Jackson said, “If you are in financial difficulties and are thinking, “i need to sell my house fast”, then a quick sale to a cash homebuyer (like SecureASale) can often help to get you back on track.”

He continues, “Many companies also offer you the option to rent back your home from them once the sale is complete. While this is advantageous for the new owner (as they often take all the rent upfront and have a guaranteed tenant in the property), it is very rarely in the best interests of the seller, unless it is only for a very short period of time. If you can no longer afford to pay the mortgage on your home, then you probably won’t be able to afford the rent either as the new owner has to ensure that the costs on their own finances are more than covered.”

Jackson also went on to highlight the fact that most struggling homeowners who require equity release services are far better off downsizing to a smaller home and either purchasing or renting a cheaper property elsewhere.

SecureASale’s experts have also warned of the dangers of choosing an unreliable buyer. Jackson comments, “If you have found yourself in a position where you absolutely have to rent back your property from the new owner, please ensure that the homebuyer company you choose is a well-capitalised, cash-funded business and research them thoroughly before you take the plunge. This is important as many so-called quick sale, cash for homes experts fail to keep up payments on mortgages they secure on homes they have bought and the property ends up being repossessed by the bank. This leads to the tenant being forced out, often having paid a substantial ‘rent’ upfront to the new owner.

“Whilst an opportunity to release home equity is always tempting, especially when coupled with the idea of remaining in your current property, not every quick sale cash homebuyer has the funding to ensure your dream doesn’t turn into a real life nightmare.”

Whilst overall, rents are likely to continue to fall in line with plunging interest rates, incomes are also falling fast across the UK and job losses and company liquidations are rife. Ensuring you choose the right buy to rent back expert- so you don’t end up homeless and out of pocket- has never been so important. With a surplus of property available for rent thanks to the market crash, renters can, in many ways, take their pick.

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