July 20, 2024


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Seized Property Auction – Buying Cars and Real Estate for Cheap

Nearly everyday law enforcement agencies across the country seize various properties that are connected to criminal activities. Once this property has been processed and used as evidence during the criminal trial phase the government no longer needs to keep this property. To offset storage and processing costs these properties are then offered for sale at a seized property auction.

There is no cost associated with attending a government auction as they are open to anyone who is at least eighteen years old who has a valid driver’s license or ID. Just be sure to do some up front research so as to familiarize yourself with how property auctions work. One thing is for sure, there will be no shortage goods and items to bid on. Here’s a short list of what you can expect to find.

1. Vehicles – Cars, trucks, and SUVs are probably the most common items to be found. You will also find RVs, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, and in some cases even aircraft. Most of these vehicles have low starting bids and can be successfully purchased for much less then their market value.

2. Real estate property – The government and local law enforcement agencies seize all forms of real estate. Homes, businesses, undeveloped land, commercial property can all find its way to government seizure auctions. And much like vehicles it can be had for well below market value.

3. Furniture and household items – When real estate is seized everything inside the building has to be dealt with as well. This can be a great way to furnish your home for pennies on the dollar. Plasma TVs, Xbox’s, Playstations’s, stereo equipment, couches, dining room sets, and just about any other household item you can think can be purchased at big discounts.

4. Art work, antiques, jewelry, and designer clothing – There is no shortage of stuff to bid on at an auction. People who run afoul of the government soon find all their stuff being auctioned off to the highest bidder, including the clothes off their backs. It is the government’s way of recouping money that otherwise would fall on the tax paying public.

A great way to find out what you can bid on is using an online government seized property auction website. They keep up to date on all government auctions occurring all across the country as well as all the items that will be up for bid. This can give you a head start on other auction goers as you prepare your list of items that you wish to purchase.