February 23, 2024


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Save Mortgage Payments How To Get Your Mortgage Paid For Free

Save Mortgage Payments: Get Your Mortgage Paid For FREE

The most important thing you must realize about a mortgage is that what you believe it to be is actually wrong. Often referred to as a mortgage home loan, they are not a loan in the traditional meaning of the word. The mortgagor is the person who owes money to the mortgagee (the person who finances the deal) using a legal contract called a mortgage. In fact, in reality, this isn’t the debt but the security required by the lender to protect their interests for the duration of the term.

The facility that a mortgage creates means individuals and companies can acquire land or property without needing the full face value to purchase it at the time. To help understand how this works, some important information is discussed here. The mortgagor who is also referred to as the Borrower (leading to the false impression that it is a loan) and the mortgage, who is also called the Lender (again, falsely leading you to think that a loan has been agreed). The security the mortgagee uses is called a lien which is a legal term that stays in force until all monies are repaid.

The mortgagee’s money is then protected by this knowing the property is in fact security against its own debt. The lien (document) is normally recorded at the local courthouse in the public records section. So while the property is recorded as yours, there is an interest in its ownership which cannot be altered until the debt is paid off. Even if your property is mortgaged, you still own the property wholly and completely and nobody else, not even the mortgagee has title to the property.

However if the mortgagor or the owner defaults on his or her payments, the mortgagee has the right to dispose of the property to reclaim funds. In the unfortunate event that requires the property to be sold or Foreclosed, then the case will need to be presented to the courts for approval. This is a further step but it is a legal formality which needs to be taken and is often referred to judicial foreclosure. This is only a short introduction as the subject is much more complex but this information should make this important issue much clearer.

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