June 24, 2024


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Sandpoint Idaho Real Estate Agents – the Good & the Bad

Short ones, tall ones, fat ones, skinny ones, good ones, bad ones, sad ones, happy ones. The list could go on and on forever, and starts to sound like a Dr. Seuss story. Like in any profession, you will find a wide variety of people who fit into the Sandpoint Idaho real estate agents category. They are professionals who are there to serve clients buy and sell real estate, and there are a lot of them.

Sandpoint Idaho is a happy place. Good schools, modern shopping, beautiful scenery and lots of recreational opportunities. Some quick research reveals that there are hundreds of Sandpoint Idaho real estate agents. Since North Idaho is such a great place to live it makes sense that there would be plenty of professionals to help people come and go. Some agents focus on transactions in raw land, others on homes, others on commercial. Any prospective buyer or seller can find an agent to help them with what they need. If you are more comfortable dealing with a nationally franchised real estate company you can easily find that. If you’d rather work with a smaller, more private agency, you can do that as well. No matter what your preference, Sandpoint, Idaho real estate agents are going to be able to help make your real estate goals and dreams come true.

Here is a list of some of the agencies in or near Sandpoint, just to name a few:

  • Century 21 RiverStone Real Estate
  • Maiden Rock Real Estate
  • Dover Bay Real Estate
  • CM Brewster & Co Real Estate
  • Windermere Real Estate/Idaho First Realty, Inc
  • Remax All Season Real Estate
  • Four Seasons Real Estate
  • Lake Country Real Estate
  • Dover ID Real Estate
  • Evergreen-Realty

Now let’s face it, some people make good agents and others don’t. I have experienced both good and bad Sandpoint Idaho real estate agents. Years ago, when I was renting a house that was on the market, I had a situation that bugs me to this day. The real estate agent came to the house when we weren’t home to show it to a prospective buyer. For whatever reason he didn’t have a way in to the main house, but knew that there was a key in the garage / shop. He had his little boy with him so he got creative. An open window in the shop area allowed him to lower his kid into the room, and unfortunately down on to a balsa wood RC airplane that I had been building. The kid stepped on the wing and broke a piece off. They got what they needed and left, leaving me a little note that said, “No key, got one from shop, sorry about plane.” I called him about it and he told me that’s what happens sometimes. That’s it! No apology, no offer to remunerate me. I lost some respect that day for that agent.

But, I realize that not all Sandpoint, Idaho real estate agents are that way by any means. In fact, one of the best business experiences I’ve ever had came from working with an agent that was a real pro. She constantly kept us informed, did everything possible to ease our concerns and stresses along the way through negotiations, and in the end even gave us some wonderful house warming gifts.

If I were buying or selling real estate in the Sandpoint area, and needed an agent today, I would do some careful research first. I would consider the Sandpoint Idaho real estate agents, their reputations, how satisfied previous clients are, and then pick one that I trusted and thought would be energetic in working to assist me in my goals.