June 18, 2024


Mad about real estate

Review of Ron LeGrand's One Dollar Deal

Okay, so you’ve scoured the internet searching for great real estate investing resources, and you came across Ron LeGrand’s One Dollar Deal. Without a doubt, you are skeptical about just how valuable a resource this is.  I know I was when I contemplated taking Ron up on his dollar deal.  I thought about all of the worthless real estate investing information available on the internet.  How was this going to be any better? Who is exactly is Ron LeGrand? Well I decided to take the plunge and take Ron up on his offer. After all, it only cost one dollar to get started!

After being a member of Ron’s gold club for several months, I have to say, that was one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. For anyone who has any interest in real estate investing whatsoever, Ron’s Gold Club is an extremely valuable resource. After investing just one dollar, you get a 600 dollar real estate investing course focused on the art of wholesaling.  For those of you unaware of this powerful investing tactic, I strongly encourage you to pay the one dollar just to get this course.  This course will teach you how you can get started investing in real estate immediately.  And don’t worry, the strategy doesn’t cost you anything to implement. That’s right you can start raking in big checks with none of your own money.  Is a strategy like that worth one dollar? You bet it is.  Other gurus are charging thousands of dollars for the same information.  You’ll learn everything you need to know about wholesaling for only a dollar.

But that’s not even close to everything that you’ll get. Quite frankly, I was shocked as to how much I learned after just browsing around on the gold club site. Ron frequently does webinars and strategy sessions with top industry experts. These experts range anywhere from fellow real estate gurus to internet marketing experts. One such expert was Brock Felt. For those of you who don’t know Brock, he’s made an absolute fortune in internet marketing, and you will be absolutely blown away by the amount of information he gives in a series of webinars with Ron. He tells you exactly how he did it, and he tells you where to start and how to do it. The price of one years’ membership in Ron’s Gold Club is worth the price of this information. However, you don’t even need to pay that much. You’ll be able to access all of the strategy sessions as soon as you decide to invest just one dollar to try out Ron’s Gold Club. Ron’s Gold Club is way more than just information on real estate investing. If you’re serious about making money and learning new ways to supplement your income, then you cannot afford not to try this out. You have nothing to lose. You’re just one dollar away from changing your life. To find out more information about Ron LeGrand and his one dollar deal visit my website right here. See you soon.